Sunday, July 10, 2005

Breaking The Silence

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I've missed blogging so much. In the office, the stuck up IT personel have noticed the ever increasing bandwidth being spent for blogs online, hence they deviced these infernal Surf Controls aimed for specific sites. At first, it was tolerable. But then one by one, the sites I was visiting was going behind the wall. First the personals sites like My Space, Friendster and Guys4Men. Then followed the media sites like Gamespot, IGN, IdolMedia. Now the icing on the cake was when BLOGSPOT blipped off the radar.

That almost broke my soul.

Well, not really. But not being able to write would be sheer torture for me. I've missed a whole lot of entries. And sadly, those memories would better be left gathering dust in the nooks and crannies of my mind.

Its ironic that was left unscathed by the Surf Control freaks. Probably, most of them have accounts here as well. Oh well.

For every silver lining, a dark cloud lies beneath it.

[Music Book of the Moment: Seasons of Mists - The Sandman Chronicles]
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