Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Working Like Its Nobody's Business

I just had the most entertaining training session awhile ago. Well actually, most of the trainings I undergo felt like I wasn't even training at all. Siguro, swerte lang talaga sa account (and sa company -shameless plug of course!). But nevertheless, nothing can top this training yet.

I was actually a part of the module. As in an active part of it. But whats funny is that I didn't even knew it at the start. The trainer, Lod, is a friend of mine. He'd been my supervisor before he got promoted. So along with another supervisor friend of mine, Love, they plotted a training/reality show hybrid. Ang kulit talaga ng show, este nung training. The plot is: who's training who? Panalo!

On the office front, you could actually feel a sense of general well being. You know, almost akin to that feeling you get when Christmas time is just around the bend. The same kind of feeling when you're awaiting for something good to arrive. Morality is on an all time high. Maybe because theres so much to expect in the coming months. First of, we are moving to our new building along the Central Business District of Ayala Avenue. Read, our own building. Not leasing, not buying, but a building that was built from the ground up just for us. In fact its eponymous, the People Support Center. It has restaurants at the lower floors (crossing our fingers that that vacant slot would either be a Seattle's or at the very least a Starbucks), the usual ammenities of a call center (shower rooms, sleeping rooms, etc etc) and the creme de la creme, a gym. Yup. Our own gym. Goodbye, expensive gym memberships! Hello, seeing that cutie from the other account in the shower room and lockers! YUM!

Then there will be the release of the salary increases for employees who've been loyal to the company through the years (to think that I just got my annual raise, now there's talk of tenure raise..hay). Add the fact that PS had just gone public on the NASDAQ. We were given shares, and they leave it up to us to trade them (whoopsie, thats right, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about that because of that insider trading clause...oh well).

The events, the outings all lined up for the rest of the year...Hay. There are times when I've been asked by friends and acquiantances alike why I still remain in the call center "industry". As far as I can tell them, life is good for me here and its still getting better. As of now, that migrating to the States offer by my Tita will have to wait.

[Music of the Moment: That Halelujah song by Bamboo ]
[Mood: beaming with pride ]


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