Tuesday, June 07, 2005

They're On To Me

disclaimer: some parts of this post had been omitted and can only be seen on my other secure bloggy. I put it on "friends only" lock for security reasons. You could read it entirely...assuming you have an account at Blurty and I add you as a friend. Mahirap na. Maraming mata ang kalaban.

I don't know, I just have to write this down. Its about (***deleted part***). I've grown so comfortable with my (***deleted part***), too comfortable to the point when sometimes I feel invincible.

Lets cut to the chase. (******deleted part*******) There.
It grew like an addiction for me.

At first, you were curious how do other people do it.
Then you get enough guts to actually try it for yourself.
Then you feel a tinge of guilt but you justify yourself: "I'm just gonna give it a shot once..."
Then comes the second.
Then the third...
The gratifying feeling of (******deleted part*******) creeps into you.
This is actually fun...
Then it comes to a point when you do it just because...
Just because you feel like doing it.

And then my (***deleted part***) came up to me just a while ago.
He was asking why out of 18 (******deleted part*******), 7 (***deleted part***) were (**deleted part**).

But then my trusty, devious greymatter fired up.
I countered the claim.
I also do (******deleted part*******)(which is legit).
I (******deleted part*******)from my end.

"The (******deleted part*******)," I said. "It doesn't (******deleted part*******)."


"Yup, thats plausible. I see it now." said my (******deleted part*******). "I'll include that into (******deleted part*******). Thanks, Derrick"

My poker face lasted until (******deleted part*******)was outside the field of vision.
Then sweat broke out on my face.

I won't do this again....for a couple of days at least.

Lie low. Fly steady now.

[Music of the Moment: Guilty (Of Love in the First Degree) - garrish 80's band ]
[Mood: Houdini ]


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