Monday, June 06, 2005

Sun Is Up

As much as I regret to come to this conclusion, I am officially cancelling my plans to join my tita in Beijing on the 24th. Sayang. But, all things considered, it wouldn't have fit in my fiscal projections. (projections daw o?)

I've got a bunch of high ticket gadgetry looming in the not so distant future, so I guess, I'd have to trim down my travel funds. I'll just stick to domestic forays this year probably. Next year na lang hahataw. hehe.

The date last Saturday went surprisingly well. Although a bit late, Ian more than made up for it. The Gateway is a good backdrop to a first date. The cinemas, the restos, everything is conveniently under one roof. The only gripe I have of movie houses is that their seats are way too stiff. However the food is still divine. Since I rarely go to The Gateway, I took him to Rasa (Singaporean delicacy haven). But no matter how glitzy The Gateway is at first glance somehow, I still prefer the sprawling grounds of Greenbelt.

We were able to catch 3 Pink Fest entries. Unfortunately, these 3 were from European countries - Norway, Belgium and South Africa (yes, its European). They were expectedly good, but I would have wanted to see works from the Asia-Pacific region where most areas are playing catch up to the "sexual emancipation" these countries are now basking in.

After the movie, I still have that urge to see another one. What to do when its quarter to 11 and you get this urge? Run to Greenbelt 3 thats what! From the Araneta Center all the way to Ayala. We got there 11:45. Thanks to its "I-dont-care-how-late-we-show-our-films-as-long-as-there-are-people-coming-in-in-droves" approach, you could watch movies as late as 1 am. I was dying to see Madagascar since I first heard of it. We came out really pleased. Its very entertaining and is definitely a must watch. Now, I'm on the look out on e-Bay for those fuzzy penguins. Arrgh. Damn them and their irrisistable psychotic cuteness.

Eventhough he was a Starbucks person (la lng. I can tell.) he went to the other side of the fence for me. I had him try out the X-Teas and my Javakula. I've just signed up a convert to SBC (they should be paying me for this, andami ko na na-"refer" e...)

Anyway, fast forward the night. This post is becoming waaaay too detailed. Jayzee texted me if we would want to pass by the gay capital of the Metro. He was in Bed with his boytoy. We came, we saw, we left the building. We then headed out for late night/early morning KTV. Yes, kelangan ko talaga siya isingit! Any guy who'd bear to hear me caterwauling, get 10 gazillion points.

We stayed up till late morning. Sparks flew. And mirroring Fidel's words: do we let new flames set ablaze when an old one is still sputtering out? As I've said, Mr. Wonderwall and I had a good run and a good adieu. In fact it was so seamless, it was like a prelude. My conundrum as of the moment is, after going thru the cave of shadows, what if the moment you stepped out there were multiple roaring blazes set before you,

do you only chose one?

I've always piloted my planes with eyes closed. This time I'm seeing the ground below, the clouds above and the stars between my feet. I'm supposed to be scared out of my wits, but I'm thrilled with this new flight. Destination?

I'll just have to see how this pans out.

[Music of the Moment: I Like To Move It - King of The Lemurs ]
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At 10:19 AM, Blogger JM said...

any movie u would recommend in the Pink Filmfest? Yung foreign / western film naman. Ive seen Happy Together and Inter.mates.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger advent said...

I wanted to see F-17 (or Formula 17) e. Its a chinovela prequel about two men falling in love in Taiwan. Read: Asian Twinkies. I. Have. To. See. This. :)


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