Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Need Not Be Wordy

From an online friend on his Final Interview:

So Marvin, what is the secret of your success? How did you graduate cum laude in La Salle? How did you top your board exams? Operations supervisor at age 22? How did you do it?, an HR officer asked me during my initial interview for a managerial position...

"Two words", I said.

"And, Marvin what are they?"

"Right decisions." I replied.

"And how do you make right decisions?", the HR officer asked.

"One word." I said.

"And, Marvin, what is that?"

"Experience." I uttered.

"And how do you get Experience?” the HR officer added.

"Two words"

"And, Marvin, what are they?"

"Wrong decisions."

Ang taray no?
(thanks Marvin)

[Music of the Moment: nothing - I dont have my WinAmp on. Does the aircon count? ]
[Mood: applying ]


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