Thursday, June 09, 2005

Musical Tags Of Death

Thank You TheFool At Sinali Mo Ko Dito...(insert growl here) hehe joke lang, Che.
Lets start shall we?

Total volume of music files on my computer:
You wont believe it, but I've got 3 GB of music - mp3s, videos, etc, etc on this computer. 4.5 Gb if you add the yahoo accounts I randomly generated just to fill it up with MP3s and its still growing...To top it all off, the PC's not even mine! I'm such an asset to this company.

Last CD I bought:
Bought? Please define. Does the word even exist in this day and age of shameless Peer 2 Peer exchange and piracy? Kidding. Hmm. Thats a hard one. Its been such a looong time. Ok! From a fragment of a memory 7months ago: There was this CD sale at the Enterprise building along Ayala Avenue. (You know that building straight out of Gotham City?) I got Bury The Hatchet by the Cranberries, The Big Picture by Elton John and Evolution by BoysIIMen.

Song playing right now:
Mariah Carey's next number 1 hit (I think): Mine Again. What a voice. Powerful rendition, emotionally charged.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
This should be easy:

1.) Life For Rent by Dido - "I apologize that once again I'm not in love but it's not as if I mind that your heart ain't exactly breaking"...the opening song of the movie that is my life. Provocative words, rich melody, haunting voice. What more can you ask for?

2.) Gold Dust by Tori Amos - "Whipping past the reflecting pool me + you"...this song just does it for me. Its something really personal for Tori (as all her songs are) but somehow, I'm drawn to its underlying story. Its sad, its beautiful, its deliberately painful.

3.) I Wanna Know What Love Is by The Foreigner, Tina Arena, Anthony Fedorov, and Sarah Geronimo - "This mountain I must climb feels like the world upon my shoulders"...So many renditions, so little time. Nevertheless, the reason why I included this song is that its one of those songs I, literally, grew up with. It was released in 1984 under the band's Agent Provocateur album. I was 2 years old then, it was later covered by this (then) unknown Australian songstress when I was in highschool, heard a rendition of some obscure band when I was in college and now, Anthony Fedorov sung his heart out with it in Season 4 of AI. I got a somewhat pleasant surprise when Sarah covered it as well. To give her credit, I first thought it was Celine Dion doing a cover. I loved her arrangement because she made it her own near the end of the song. No trademark vocal gymnastics, just plain heartfelt rendition.

4.) Lovesong by The Cure and Tori Amos. "whenever i'm alone withyou you make me feel like i am clean again"...The Cure and Tori Amos....'nuff said.

5.) You Fcuking Me Makes Me Bilingual by Jose Nunez - "you give it to me so good, you are my mortal sin"... now this trance music had come into so many incarnations in bars across the nation. Hypnotic, raunchy and it has teh Spanish lyrics! Why am I including this here? I'm not. I'm just kidding.

The Real # 5.) Ngayon at Kailanman sung by Basil Valdez, words by Mr. George Canseco "Malilimot ka lang, kapag ang araw at bituin/Ay di na matanaw/Kapag tumigil ang daigdig at di na gumalaw/Subali't isang araw pa matapos ang mundo'y nagunaw na/Hanggang doon magwawakas/Pag-ibig kong sadyang wagas/Ngayon at kailanman"...While many would populate these lists with inconsequencial obscure foreign songs, all I can say is: Iba pa rin ang sariling atin. Original Filipino classics like this would always have a permanent residence in my heart. As the saying goes, they don't make 'em like they used to.

Five people I’m passing this to:
Now's the time for retribution. But does it have to be just 5? evil snicker
Markus -yep. I'm dying to know what you'd write here.
Mike -I know you've done this before. I know you have a lot more to write so I'm giving you the "opportunity" to wow us with your impeccable tastes. ;)
Bernadette/Bernard -Ang bagong Chonamae Banaag! yun nga lang ang twist this time is isa siyang fuschia-blooded becky! I love your blog brother/sister, I've been visiting eversince. There's no business like the entertainment business no? ;)
Carlo - I dont know kung ilan na ang nagtag sayo nito pero you could never have too much of a "good thing" diva? hehe. btw, let me just say: "Nakakaloka ang background music mo!"
Jay - lets mix it up a bit. Show us your music preference. :)
Cyndie - the flower among the...other flowers. :) tag! you're it.
Chris - a very fab person. I'm just curious what will be your choices. I know, it just says list 5 people. Wala ka magagawa. Pasaway din ako e. :)

This was fun.

[Music of the Moment: BrownCow's background music on his page ]
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