Monday, June 20, 2005

Fete D' La Weekend

disclaimer: the following entry will be as wordy as hell. Kinda like abstaining from onanism for several days. Yeah. You get a lot.

It was bound to happen. Another weekend that passed me, left me breathless. It was one heck of a ride. Sometimes when we least expect it, life turns around and makes us realize how lucky we are in pretty much everything else. Family, friends, love.

At this point in my life, I'd like to say that I'm infinitely wiser now in affairs of the heart. I'm getting off of the "I'm jaded" bandwagon and giving this thing a whole new lease. I'm so glad that I chose to do so.

Spare Yourself! Do Not Watch This Cra--Movie.

I had a date with Ian. Like any day for me, I don't limit it to a single place. I wanted to meet up at Megamall at around 11am first so that we can have a late brunch. Also theres a lot of shops I needed to visit. It was a bit awkward at first. In a dance, I used to always follow. I guess, this time, I'm leading. Out on a whim I decided to have us see Mr. & Mrs. Smith over Batman Begins, cause I'm still hurting from the brainfreeze that the previous incarnations left me. How wrong I was. Turns out Mr. & Mrs. Smith is Tomb Raider and [insert whatever action movie Brad Pitt has done here] in a suburban setting. This movie was so cheesy, you just have to bring chips and you're set. The plot was also so brain dead. If not for the frantic running and gunning scenes (and Jolie's voluptous legs) this movie would be such a waste of time.

Wherefore Art Thou, Greenhills Of Yore?

After throwing 2 hours of my life down the drain that is Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I wanted to see Greenhills again (its been months since I last set foot there). We were welcomed by an alien building standing where the mall used to be. Greenhills is NOT Greenhills anymore. I mean, the place I used to go to to satiate my baratilyo needs; The place where I get knock offs that passes off, sometimes even looking better than the real thing, the place which was a audio/visual treasure cove care of the pirates; is gone. In its place a spic and span and grotesquely shiny mall with all the accuterments of a semi upscale establishment. Let's all pause for a while to mourn the demise of an institution...

Ok mourning over. I did however get a kick out of the new sites to go to. To say that now theres a lot of restaurants in the area would be an understatement. Italian, American, Japanese, Mongolian, Martian (ha!) and Korean. I decided to go on a whim. I tried this cozy little place called Mini Shabu-Shabu (which is Korean for You No Eat Rice, You Cook On Table or whatever- Im just making it up). The restaurant has its quirky Korean flair and interior decors (which I loved). On the walls were my favorite art: Post Modern Oriental.

Addicted to Shabu-shabu

Heres the trick on eating Shabu-Shabu (no, not the narcotics, you silly banana). Whatever the waiter/waitress upsells, go for something else. And whenever they say good for two persons, take heed. 1 Korean serving is equal to 2 Filipino servings. One serving IS enough for two. The charm of the store would be its in-your-face cooking. They leave every ingredient on the table for you, light up a mini stove tucked neatly beneath your table and you "cook" everything to your liking. Of course, in our case, I've never set foot in a such a resto before so asked this uber cute waiter to do the cooking for us. Yum. Just watch out for those spices. I literally cried in front of Ian, much to his amusement (hehe, itshokey,you) This is food experience is definitely a must try. If Carlo has his Bovine Diva Recommends, this would be my Advent/2020 Must Try's. :)

Greenbelt, Greenbelt, I Keep Coming Home to Greenbelt...

After traipsing through the new stores, my feet told me to shoot for Greenbelt 3. At heart I will always be a Makati person, and I felt it would be nice to take my date there. We were supposed to catch the Batman Begins showing at Greenbelt 3, however the other half of the legendary office lovers (legendary due to their 1 ++ years of co-existence), Val texted me that he wants to go on a night out. Thats when I remembered that the Fete de La Musique is happening at El Pueblo, so I agreed to have a double date. We waited for Romeo And Julius to arrive and boy did they make us wait. In the meantime, Ian treated me at Icebergs (yeah, yeah, mushy I know, but we all need a little mush every once in a while, dont we?). Thats when I saw a familiar visage. Jayzee. As in Mr. Jayzee Dezign. Tagging along him were two heterosexual females. And when I dropped by to say hello, I immediately got the universal sign of "I'm undercover (wink wink)" meaning, these two former college mates of his doesnt know that he's, ahem ahem, one of the colors of the rainbow. It was such a riot calling him "Paaaaareh" in front of the clueless twosome.

We had been waiting for quite a while till I got that SMS from Val saying that they cant make it anymore saying that Poy (the other half) "overslept". Yeah right. I get it. Sometimes I "oversleep" too, Poy. Its ok really. :)

So we headed out to Ortigas by our twosome. We were halfway through when joy of all joys, Rakel texted me that they are also in the area. They meaning she and loveydovey, Mr. Channel 2 who coincidentally had a band performing for the night to. (see, I didn't name him, girl). :) I loooove this girl. She's been my chicka mate and taray mate and laitera mate, and ganda mate and whatever kinda mate when she was still a Spanish agent for our account. We even wanted to become FA's back then, remember? Hay...I so miss this girl. Thats why I was so excited going to Fete. However things didnt look as peachy clean at the venue.

Macabre d'la Musique!

It was a logistical nightmare. I don't know if the organizers were smoking pot when they chose such a cramped venue to hold this event on. If they anticipated at least the same number of people from last year, this wouldn't had been a wise choice. Imagine a swarm of sweaty bodies, mostly in black, brandishing their specific "clan's" battlecry like "Punk Is Not Dead", or "Metal Is Not Dead", or "Bubblegum Pop Is Not Dead" (I kid, I kid). It was a tad horrific. Especially when the crowd got agitated by one of the security guards, causing a would-have-been-riot. I just waited for some bands then I told Ian that I just want to hang out at Starbucks and just wait for Rakel there. When we got to Starbucks, Ian saw two of his friends, one semi-celebrity and some random guy. They were a tad unsociable, I must say. They kept their conversations to themselves (which I hated of course). I would never ever do that. I always make sure that any newly introduced person, I would have chit chat with and make them feel welcome. Its just me, I guess. Some people just don't have enough social grace. Luckily, after a few minutes of me staring into blabbering mouths, Rakel and Ch.2 arrived. Fresh air.

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing..

We left the two characters behind (I wouldn't have wanted it any other way) and headed back to Jupiter Makati. Rakel wanted to go to a KTV, and IO came to mind. In fairness, the sound system in this place is just outstanding. Near concert like. We got there around 12 midnight and sang our hearts out till 3:30 am. Such a blast hanging out with these two. Oh, and have I mentioned, that Mr. Channel 2 is one of the head honchos in the office? Think supervisor, now think the supervisor of all supervisors, now think the supervisor of that. He's our Operations Manager. Wait, did I just sing in front of the highest man in the land (office wise of course). It just sunk in a few minutes after we said our goodbyes.


Now, you may think that the night is over right? Wrong. Becky Paolo (the grass skirt wearing guy in the company luau) texted me saying that he and his current boyfriend, Mr. Showerboy, is in (drumroll please) Red Box. What is Red Box you might ask? You'll never guess...Its another KTV, this time situated in Greenbelt 3. Its the KTV to put to shame all other KTVs.

I hailed a cab and literally made the driver fly it to Greenbelt. We were able to catch 25 minutes of the remaining time. Make that 35 minutes because Paolo and I are such pasaways and we extended by a full 2 songs. It was a showdown. It was so much fun. And according to that Mean Girl, it was so Fetch! hehe. Btw, Mr. Showerboy can sing. So Pao, you know what to do. ;)


Martin my beleaguered and prodigal friend gave me a ring. He was about to take his lunch (yeah, at 4:30am CCT.--callcenter time) He works at the posh PBCom towers. Since its in the immediate vicinity, I dragged Ian (and he came without much objection. muah) to the lobby. Martin, the primmadonna extraordinaire that he is came down, a full 15 minutes after his stated time. But I love him nevertheless. We've been friends since highschool and we've been through a whole lot of crazyness. An old friend and a new friend. We talked, laughed, verbally harassed each other, talked some more, until the sun peeked through the horizon.

This had been such a perfect day.

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Sorry talaga ha.. kasi naman you know.. kakarating lang ng davao that time.. Si Val ang hindi tired.. sabi ko na sa kanya na tired ako.. sorry talaga.. buti naman at d ko nasira ang entire day mo


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