Friday, June 03, 2005

All Aboard The Friday Train Of Thought

Friday night once again. The entire weekend is already booked for things to do - that is of course if I do not find myself in a comfortable position in my bed on a balmy day then I might just throw all prior appointments to the wind. You have to admit, its a lovely time to get in between the sheets these days, especially now that the sun is retiring from its scorching ways. Downside is, when the rains pour, it really pour like crazy, spoiling a would-have-been perfect day.

I woke up today screaming for more sleep. I had overindulged myself with the late night shows, my Sandman series and Kingdom Hearts (don't ask, its a guilty pleasure) last night. Our dog woke me up a few minutes after 1pm. Yup, Jun-jun the dog. He's a livin', breathin', poopin' alarm clock. We trained him to wake us up and he's pretty much doing a fine job. Now as for how can he tell the time? Thats the eerie part. But it works for us, so some things are better left unexplained.

At work, its pretty much the same old grind- except without the grinding. What I'm trying to say, is that my job would be the lazyman's nirvana. I get paid substantially to do what most people consider as leisure. I surf, I write, I mingle with the co-workers, I eat, then I surf again, blog.... Where's the work part? Uhm, that was it. I love it.

Just a few minutes ago, Fidel texted me to tell me that he just got home from school. You read that right. School. He's only 19, btw. Whoops, let me rephrase that...He's 19, btw. There. My friends had been asking me what's the deal. I throw the question back: what's the deal with them? So what if there's a 4 year gap between our ages? (actually, its "just" 3 and a half months..) He's the most 23 year old sounding 19 year old I know. How's that? And besides, its not like we're gonna get married. Or the fact that we're not "boyfriends". I don't do boyfriends anymore. It's just "us". I've no need for labels. Its too..limiting. As for the age gap, if the heterosexuals can do it, why can't we?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to The Pink Festival tomorrow. Its been a long while since I went out to watch a movie. I'm having a date with someone I met on Downelink. Nothing major. He just asked me out. He sounds ok on the phone, just a little bit too 'giggly' for me. I'd like to belive that I've been blessed with a good sense of humor, but just the slightest joke from me cracks him up so much. I'm not saying its bad, though. At least the person knows how to laugh, right? So if you happen to be heading our way, maybe we can have dinner after the movies. See you at The Gateway! :)

[Music of the Moment: Through The Fire - Von Arroyo (I swear, this guy sounds even better than Chaka Khan!]
[Mood: eager for the weekends ]


At 4:38 PM, Blogger aMgiNe said...

ey there u have a very cool dog. can u teach me how to do that kind of training so i can teach my dogs as well? hehe well just doing d rounds, enjoy ur weekend.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Aggie said...

aba ang lola ko! umaarangkada :)
so fidel that is :) nakwento mo na sya sa akin pala.

and i know u're done with "labels"
kaya nga u're having the time of your life ;)

At 12:20 AM, Blogger advent said...

amgine: hehe. ang kulit nga nya e. he can also do that "meet the fockers" dog thing. ang laswa. eheheh. thanks.

Aggie: lola? sino? ako = loloh. hehe.

sobra. bow.


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