Friday, May 27, 2005

Week Enders vol. 8

Yowza, the 8th volume! This week, the focus is ramifications. No, its not just another word that I would like to throw around. This week actually had a ton of it. Little seedlings that branched out. Some fell on fertile grounds, while some...well, nevermind.

This week, it had been confirmed, after a strenuous amount of persuasion to no avail, my beautiful muse is finally leaving the company. It seems that it was just yesterday when she approached me, a virtual stranger, with that outstreched hand. She told me to get up from my sulking in that dank corner of the company sleeping room that one fateful day I just broke up with someone I honestly cared for. She treated me out to coffee. "It goes away sooner than you think." she said. Cinnamon and Whipped Cream. And life after that had been a whirlwind. I've met Whilfred, then Robert, and now Fidel (let's not count the dessert shall we? Just the main course/s please, thank you). Can you say: this girl is a better than a rabbit's foot (she's a charm)? Heck if my life was a written opus, she would be a central theme. (hmm, this could be a full fledged entry one of these days). I'm gonna miss you, Cris. But nevertheless, we are DEFINITELY not cutting ties. We officially declared, Sundays to be Cris, Derrick and Chiqui Day.

In the homefront, I'm getting more and more worried for my dad. He's locked up in this little place inside his head where he is looking for that catalyst to turn air to gold. He's been brainwashed by this Networking company with these stories of wealth and luxury. Now, his days and nights are spent cooking up these grand scheme of "inviting" people to join him in his crusade. Dad, I know we are in dire straits right now and all you want is to better our lives, but not this way please?

Dogie/Puppy/Junjun just bit my hand the other day. I gave him the spanking of his life.
(I just had to say this to break the ice from the previous bullets.)

Peter just gave me his entire The Sandman Chronicles. I know this may not sound like anything at all, but for a huge Toriphile/Gaimaniac like me, how do I put it? Its like giving a devout Catholic the keys to the original Scriptures; a StarWars fanatic - a compendium of the whole Empire/Jedi lore; to a StarTrek fanatic - all the logs of the Starship: Enterprise; to an American Idol fanatic - all the mp3s and videos of the contestants from Season 1 to the latest; to a videogame junkie - buying him the PSP (which owns the iPod), the Xbox 360 and the PS3; to a crazed lunatic - a shred of his sanity; to a person in love - a fount of (relationship) wisdom and honesty....I could go on and on about this, but man, this is HUGE. (I'm a little bit of everything above...well maybe you could strike the devout Catholic shenanigan and you have a better picture)

Tidbits...I've been getting alot of exposure lately. Both for my career and for other, uhm personal matters...Downelink anyone? If you're reading this and you happen to be from the pink side of the fence, what the hell are you waiting for? Create an account now. You'll meet a gamut of the specie fabulosiae... Remember Aggietha? Well she'll be walking down the aisle next month and the event will be THE event of the year (more in future entries)...This Sunday, Cris, Chiqui and I, along with a bunch of hunky (yet uberly straight) guys will be trying out Wallclimbing...Oh my gawsh...So not me...but lets see how this pans out.

Janis Joplin once said: "Don't compromise yourself, you're the only one you've got." So, have a kick ass weekend everyone! No compromises...except in certain, uhm positions... ;)

[Music of the Moment: Inside Your Heaven -both Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice's version streaming at the same time on my P.C.]
[Mood: Friday mode/breaking out of my cubicle ]


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