Thursday, May 12, 2005

In Fairness To Anthony

He may have lost the chance at the spot, but it doesnt matter. He left on a night where he OUTPERFORMED the rest, even Carrie Underwood (he totally OWNED the song). Mirroring Simon's words: "Anthony made everyone look like amateurs (in a silly British Accent)"

Obviously, this show is fixed. Simon had been pimping Ms. CarrieRoboto eversince. I don't know, maybe because she seems the most naive of the lot and the producers can make a killing on how they are gonna use her, and make a zillion dollars. Don't take me wrong, Carrie has a very, very, very clean and unique voice. Beautiful even. Yun nga lang, wala syang stage presence. Kumbaga sa acting, she's Carlos Agassi or Matthew Mendoza (of the 90's era-I know, so archaic) of the singing world. I liked her at the start of the season, however with the obnoxious overpraising of Mr. Cowell to this Southern lass, I lost my respect for her. Heck, if she was to come up on stage, slash the neck of a lamb and spread the blood on the band, the stage and even the judges, and NOT sing, Simon would still say something to the effects of: "That was absolutely, sensationally, stupendously brilliant, really!"

And please don't tell me Mr. Bo -ring will also have a shot at it. To tell the truth, his monotonous baritone lacks range. There are a few songs that really fit him. And since America is trying to prove something (read: that a "rocker" can win this season) he might just actually get it. Ok America, magpaka aliw kayo sa pagbubuhat ng mic stand across the stage and all that same routine.

The only other person I can see winning it is Vonzell. Sadly, the producers will rig it again and make her lose next week.

So, in closing America overlooked what an Idol should had been: A class act; fresh young talent; clean records; humble in his accomplishments; bravery in facing his biggest detractor; has the looks, the bod and the smile; and most of all the voice that will only improve over the years. I've never been as attached to any single contestant as I've done so with Mr. Fedorov. I guess, he's just inspiring.

Hold On To The Nights, Mr. Fedorov. You've been blessed with an Angel's voice and that will be your ticket to Climb Every Mountain. You've made me Wanna Know What Love really Is and never forget that I've Got You here in my heart for always. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do but there are times when you have to let go. I Knew You Were Waiting For this night but you're Almost There. So many people want to put you down. They are like Poison Ivy rashes that just doesnt go away. We hope they are happy now. I'll never forget The Way You Looked Tonight. Everytime someone like You Go Away, it pains us, but thats the way life goes. The show would be Incomplete without your stage presence, that is to us, a breath of fresh air.

Don't Take Away his Music. I Surrender to you, Anthony. *

Oh and he doesn't need the title. He already won my heart.

*you have to pardon the sappiness (and the grammatical error here and there). I'd done this for Tori Amos before. I'd bet you'd do the same thing to someone you admire a lot.

[Music of the Moment: everything Mr. AF sang]
[Mood: sad]


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