Thursday, May 26, 2005

Clearwaters, 2005

Respite over. I'm on blogging rampage again. Almost everybody in bloglah-land is posting summer pics. Squeezing through the crowded online world of self-adoration and flaggelation, here's mine. Camwhoring = fun.

We just had our annual company outing. This time it was in Subic. I did not attend last year's trip, and boy did I regret it. Because contrary to what I thought, it turned out really great. Not a sight of dark cloud at all.

This year's theme is (get ready to gasp in disbelief) LUAU! (now everyone go, the summer...omg, who would have thought of that!?!?!)

I've never heard of Clearwaters before. Well it turns out, the reason was that its purely membership only (except if your coming with a full army of break-starved office drones.) And I'm not exaggerating when I capitalize this: THIS PLACE IS HUGE. I mean, really. Imagine this. It has two (yup, two) man-made lakes, one man-made beach, a man-made hill, a man-made falls, and a man-made (duh) Banaue rice terraces-like attraction. And man-made doesnt always equate to bad. It really worked.

My only complaint? It was just for one day. Argh. More please!

And then God said, let the camwhoring begin:
(all pics are linkified to the bigger picture.)

Oh look. Me, of all people, wearing boardshorts for the first time ever (ok, second, considering Bora). And its floral! It a sign of the end.

clockwise, dyosa mystica fabulosa: Paolo, Marc, sir Franchie, Lovers Val and Paulo (with a U), Mr. Bodybuilder Mike, the divinely ethereal smirking boy with matching flowers ala Jasmine paa nga lang, and the flower among the, uhm other flowers, Pia Guanio twin-Chiqui.

Eat your heart out Cosmo!

In front of the cottage: Becky, Becky and Becky.

Landlubber trying out oars for like the first time. Result? The boat just kept on turning round in circles.

Tayo po ay mag pose. Say Pa-mhin! bow.

Would the camwhoring be complete without a shot of The Camwhoremeister?

And heres a tableau of all things Clearwater:

1. Me, Lovely, Chiqui and Pao on the bus to hel..I mean Clearwaters. Manong driver bled our ears dry with his cassette of novelty songs. Read: circa my-mother-wasnt-even-born-yet.

2. Preparing the grass skirt that dyosa fabulosa would be wearing. Yup, we get dibs in the prize money.

3. Boating. Going round in circles in the middle of the lake. What else is there to do? Take pics, of course.

4. Here's another shameless group pic.


6. Chiqui trying to do a Derrick.

7. The cottages. How idyllic. How Dawson's Creek.

8. B1 and B2. B = Becky.

9. Chiqui, Moi, Hence. They got the camwhore bug too. Love these girls.

10. Chiqui by the sign.

11. On the bus home. Pao and guess who?

Whew. Its been a while since I wrote last. Now my fingers hurt. Akala nyo tapos na? Ha! Yun ang akala nyo. :)

[Music of the Moment: Joss Stone and Melissa Etheridge - Cry Baby, Take Another Piece Of My Heart, Janis Joplin Tribute ]
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