Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bobby Womack..Singing If You Think You're Lonely Now..(And Some Conspiracies)

I love that line in the song. In fact I love the entire song.

Performer and songwriter Mariah Carey secures her place as the #1 most successful female artist of all time as We Belong Together becomes her 16th song to top the Billboard Hot 100. This positions Mariah as the only artist in contention to surpass the Beatles (with 20 #1’s) and Elvis Presley (18 #1’s) in the modern era. (With 62 total weeks of #1 hits since 1990, Mariah also ranks 2nd only to Elvis, with 80 weeks.) This monumental achievement comes as Mariah’s brand new Island Def Jam album, the top 5 THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, crosses the RIAA double-platinum mark of 2 million units, just 6 weeks after its stunning #1 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart. link

You go, girl! Just 5 more hits and your gonna topple The Beatles. (actually you already have, since they're a band). She's back and as iconic as ever.

Now if she'd only wear clothes with more cloth to it, then I'd love her more.


American Idol just wrapped up yesternight. Carrie wore the crown. She wasn't my favorite but I believe she deserves the title. Oh well, theres always next season. However I prefer to take the whole voting set up with a grain of salt. I have an actual theory on it. Halfway through the season, the bigwigs of the network predetermine the order of elimination. Proof? Check the CD. But they are not listed in order of elimination, you say. Check again. The Top 3 is ALWAYS right. (see below)

American Idol Season 4: The Showstoppers - track listing:
1 Independance Day - Carrie
2 I Don't Want to Be - Bo
3 Best of My Love - Vonzell
4 Everytime You Go Away - Anthony
5 You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Nadi
6 My Funny Valentine - Constantine
7 Total Eclipse of the Heart - Jessica
8 Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) - Scott
9 Part-Time Lover - Nikko
10 House Is Not a Home - Anwar
11 Knock on Wood - Lindsay
12 God Bless the Child - Mikalah

Explanation? From top 12 to top 7 votes ARE counted, hence people actually feel that they have a power over the outcome. This also sometimes upsets the bigwigs predetermined plan, like Nadia should have been the Top 5 (again see CD). Once past the week for the top 7, its all predetermined. They still garner the votes because its a money making scheme, but in no way does it affect the outcome, hence Constantine being booted out, because the judges want Bo to be in the finals and Connie is a big threat. And they made Scott and Anthony stay longer because they don't pose a threat (or it would appear that Bo "outperformed" them and people would be lulled in the "its a competition" smoke and mirror). So in summing, AI is still a contest. Although, a pseudo-contest in the truest sense. You win halfway thru the competition. Just my take on it. It was a great show, nonetheless.

But still congratulations to these two women.
They're man-eaters.

[Music of the Moment: Bobby Womack - If You Think You're Lonely Now/Angels Brought Me Here - Carrie Underwood ]
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