Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Tale Of Two Parises

Here's a kooky thought for all of you:
What if you got engaged to a person who has the same name as you?

Hotel heiress and "The Simple Life" reality TV star Paris Hilton is engaged to her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, her spokesman said Monday more here

For Heterosexuals, that is assuming your name is something unisex (or not, whichever you prefer).

As for people like me. Think about it. Imagine: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. & Mr. Carlo Smith..." O diba? Riot.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Rilke Made Me Do It

Have you ever had that feeling of defensiveness when it comes to matters of the heart? There are times when you want to express how you feel, yet you sheath your intentions, because of that nagging fear at the back of your mind that it would be for naught?

Why is it that the "mechanism" of the human psyche tells us to build walls after being scorched? Do you remember the last time you've been hurting inside and vow that you would never, ever experience that pain again in your life? Afterwhich, every single move you made was calculated, almost like you were counting the steps on the stairway of perdition. Ask yourself, how thick are the walls now?

Some chose to cower. Thats what they do inside their citadels of remorse. They look upon the world as if every weary soul that would come a-knocking on their gates would only be like the last. And so they shut the doors tight.

Others chose to sling back the grime. Their intentions were pure before, yet they were put to shame. They plan on paying back the world by making every hapless soul share the same fate. The ugly fate that they had been through. They perpetuate the wrongs until it becomes a spiral that never ends.

Theres even a kind who build the wall for others. Usually, they are the ones who have never met an erring soul, or if ever they did, not enough of them in their lifetime, yet they sow the seeds of caution to those who are just about to take the plunge. A lemming leading others to jump off a cliff...only, he jumps after them of course. (and sometimes, not at all)

I admit, I had been all of the above. I've been an expert bricklayer, but now I'm letting the mortar settle by the wayside, I'm done with walls. I owned the pain I've been through and I've kept them all brewing within me. And how was I to know that I can convert that? You see, pain is like wine, it comes in as something akin to vinegar - all pungent and bitter to the taste-, then you keep it into the barrels of your being and in the ageing process it turns into something you were never really expected. Something marvelously beautiful. Something delectably sweet. Every single drop of hurting I've been through helped mold me to what I am right now. So why go shun that one thing that will better me? I'd say bring it all on. I'd say "Thank You" then, "Next, please."

Who's really happy now? I like to raise my hand -

and toast to that.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Theres Always A Room For It

How many times can you change yourself?

Advent Child Version 2.1

Welcome change.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Week Enders vol. 8

Yowza, the 8th volume! This week, the focus is ramifications. No, its not just another word that I would like to throw around. This week actually had a ton of it. Little seedlings that branched out. Some fell on fertile grounds, while some...well, nevermind.

This week, it had been confirmed, after a strenuous amount of persuasion to no avail, my beautiful muse is finally leaving the company. It seems that it was just yesterday when she approached me, a virtual stranger, with that outstreched hand. She told me to get up from my sulking in that dank corner of the company sleeping room that one fateful day I just broke up with someone I honestly cared for. She treated me out to coffee. "It goes away sooner than you think." she said. Cinnamon and Whipped Cream. And life after that had been a whirlwind. I've met Whilfred, then Robert, and now Fidel (let's not count the dessert shall we? Just the main course/s please, thank you). Can you say: this girl is a better than a rabbit's foot (she's a charm)? Heck if my life was a written opus, she would be a central theme. (hmm, this could be a full fledged entry one of these days). I'm gonna miss you, Cris. But nevertheless, we are DEFINITELY not cutting ties. We officially declared, Sundays to be Cris, Derrick and Chiqui Day.

In the homefront, I'm getting more and more worried for my dad. He's locked up in this little place inside his head where he is looking for that catalyst to turn air to gold. He's been brainwashed by this Networking company with these stories of wealth and luxury. Now, his days and nights are spent cooking up these grand scheme of "inviting" people to join him in his crusade. Dad, I know we are in dire straits right now and all you want is to better our lives, but not this way please?

Dogie/Puppy/Junjun just bit my hand the other day. I gave him the spanking of his life.
(I just had to say this to break the ice from the previous bullets.)

Peter just gave me his entire The Sandman Chronicles. I know this may not sound like anything at all, but for a huge Toriphile/Gaimaniac like me, how do I put it? Its like giving a devout Catholic the keys to the original Scriptures; a StarWars fanatic - a compendium of the whole Empire/Jedi lore; to a StarTrek fanatic - all the logs of the Starship: Enterprise; to an American Idol fanatic - all the mp3s and videos of the contestants from Season 1 to the latest; to a videogame junkie - buying him the PSP (which owns the iPod), the Xbox 360 and the PS3; to a crazed lunatic - a shred of his sanity; to a person in love - a fount of (relationship) wisdom and honesty....I could go on and on about this, but man, this is HUGE. (I'm a little bit of everything above...well maybe you could strike the devout Catholic shenanigan and you have a better picture)

Tidbits...I've been getting alot of exposure lately. Both for my career and for other, uhm personal matters...Downelink anyone? If you're reading this and you happen to be from the pink side of the fence, what the hell are you waiting for? Create an account now. You'll meet a gamut of the specie fabulosiae... Remember Aggietha? Well she'll be walking down the aisle next month and the event will be THE event of the year (more in future entries)...This Sunday, Cris, Chiqui and I, along with a bunch of hunky (yet uberly straight) guys will be trying out Wallclimbing...Oh my gawsh...So not me...but lets see how this pans out.

Janis Joplin once said: "Don't compromise yourself, you're the only one you've got." So, have a kick ass weekend everyone! No compromises...except in certain, uhm positions... ;)

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He Gave Me Morpheus' Helm

Peter just gave me:

Preludes & Nocturnes + The Doll's House + Season of Mists + A Game of You
+ Brief Lives + Fables and Reflections + World's End + The Kindly Ones + The Wake

(cant find a thumbnail of the other covers)

Pinch me. I must be...yeah yeah, dreaming (pardon the bad Morpheus pun).

And its not even the yule season yet! I love you, you! (albeit, in a non-commital, platonic kinda way...)

He's mine now.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Clearwaters, 2005

Respite over. I'm on blogging rampage again. Almost everybody in bloglah-land is posting summer pics. Squeezing through the crowded online world of self-adoration and flaggelation, here's mine. Camwhoring = fun.

We just had our annual company outing. This time it was in Subic. I did not attend last year's trip, and boy did I regret it. Because contrary to what I thought, it turned out really great. Not a sight of dark cloud at all.

This year's theme is (get ready to gasp in disbelief) LUAU! (now everyone go, LUAU..in the summer...omg, who would have thought of that!?!?!)

I've never heard of Clearwaters before. Well it turns out, the reason was that its purely membership only (except if your coming with a full army of break-starved office drones.) And I'm not exaggerating when I capitalize this: THIS PLACE IS HUGE. I mean, really. Imagine this. It has two (yup, two) man-made lakes, one man-made beach, a man-made hill, a man-made falls, and a man-made (duh) Banaue rice terraces-like attraction. And man-made doesnt always equate to bad. It really worked.

My only complaint? It was just for one day. Argh. More please!

And then God said, let the camwhoring begin:
(all pics are linkified to the bigger picture.)

Oh look. Me, of all people, wearing boardshorts for the first time ever (ok, second, considering Bora). And its floral! It a sign of the end.

clockwise, dyosa mystica fabulosa: Paolo, Marc, sir Franchie, Lovers Val and Paulo (with a U), Mr. Bodybuilder Mike, the divinely ethereal smirking boy with matching flowers ala Jasmine Tria...sa paa nga lang, and the flower among the, uhm other flowers, Pia Guanio twin-Chiqui.

Eat your heart out Cosmo!

In front of the cottage: Becky, Becky and Becky.

Landlubber trying out oars for like the first time. Result? The boat just kept on turning round in circles.

Tayo po ay mag pose. Say Pa-mhin! bow.

Would the camwhoring be complete without a shot of The Camwhoremeister?

And heres a tableau of all things Clearwater:

1. Me, Lovely, Chiqui and Pao on the bus to hel..I mean Clearwaters. Manong driver bled our ears dry with his cassette of novelty songs. Read: circa my-mother-wasnt-even-born-yet.

2. Preparing the grass skirt that dyosa fabulosa would be wearing. Yup, we get dibs in the prize money.

3. Boating. Going round in circles in the middle of the lake. What else is there to do? Take pics, of course.

4. Here's another shameless group pic.

5. Uhm...me?

6. Chiqui trying to do a Derrick.

7. The cottages. How idyllic. How Dawson's Creek.

8. B1 and B2. B = Becky.

9. Chiqui, Moi, Hence. They got the camwhore bug too. Love these girls.

10. Chiqui by the sign.

11. On the bus home. Pao and guess who?

Whew. Its been a while since I wrote last. Now my fingers hurt. Akala nyo tapos na? Ha! Yun ang akala nyo. :)

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Bobby Womack..Singing If You Think You're Lonely Now..(And Some Conspiracies)

I love that line in the song. In fact I love the entire song.

Performer and songwriter Mariah Carey secures her place as the #1 most successful female artist of all time as We Belong Together becomes her 16th song to top the Billboard Hot 100. This positions Mariah as the only artist in contention to surpass the Beatles (with 20 #1’s) and Elvis Presley (18 #1’s) in the modern era. (With 62 total weeks of #1 hits since 1990, Mariah also ranks 2nd only to Elvis, with 80 weeks.) This monumental achievement comes as Mariah’s brand new Island Def Jam album, the top 5 THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, crosses the RIAA double-platinum mark of 2 million units, just 6 weeks after its stunning #1 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart. link

You go, girl! Just 5 more hits and your gonna topple The Beatles. (actually you already have, since they're a band). She's back and as iconic as ever.

Now if she'd only wear clothes with more cloth to it, then I'd love her more.


American Idol just wrapped up yesternight. Carrie wore the crown. She wasn't my favorite but I believe she deserves the title. Oh well, theres always next season. However I prefer to take the whole voting set up with a grain of salt. I have an actual theory on it. Halfway through the season, the bigwigs of the network predetermine the order of elimination. Proof? Check the CD. But they are not listed in order of elimination, you say. Check again. The Top 3 is ALWAYS right. (see below)

American Idol Season 4: The Showstoppers - track listing:
1 Independance Day - Carrie
2 I Don't Want to Be - Bo
3 Best of My Love - Vonzell
4 Everytime You Go Away - Anthony
5 You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Nadi
6 My Funny Valentine - Constantine
7 Total Eclipse of the Heart - Jessica
8 Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) - Scott
9 Part-Time Lover - Nikko
10 House Is Not a Home - Anwar
11 Knock on Wood - Lindsay
12 God Bless the Child - Mikalah

Explanation? From top 12 to top 7 votes ARE counted, hence people actually feel that they have a power over the outcome. This also sometimes upsets the bigwigs predetermined plan, like Nadia should have been the Top 5 (again see CD). Once past the week for the top 7, its all predetermined. They still garner the votes because its a money making scheme, but in no way does it affect the outcome, hence Constantine being booted out, because the judges want Bo to be in the finals and Connie is a big threat. And they made Scott and Anthony stay longer because they don't pose a threat (or it would appear that Bo "outperformed" them and people would be lulled in the "its a competition" smoke and mirror). So in summing, AI is still a contest. Although, a pseudo-contest in the truest sense. You win halfway thru the competition. Just my take on it. It was a great show, nonetheless.

But still congratulations to these two women.
They're man-eaters.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

You L**ing Me, Makes Me Go Bilingual

Dime porque lloras
De felicidad
Y porque te ahogas
Por la soledad
Di porque me tomas
Fuerte asi, mis manos
Y tus pensamientos
Te van llevando
Yo te querio tanto
Y porque sera
Loco testarudo
No lo dudes mas
Aunque en el futuro
Haya un muro enorme
Yo no tengo miedo
Quiero enamorarme

No me ames, porque pienses
Que parezco diferente
Tu no piensas que es lo justo
Ver pasar el tiempo juntos

No me ames, que comprendo
La mentira que seria
Si tu amor no merezco
No me ames, mas quedate otra dia

No me ames, porque estoy perdido
Porque cambie el mundo, porques es el destino
Porque no se puede, somos un espejo
Y tu asi serias lo que yo de mi reflejo
No me ames, para estar muriendo
Dentro de una guerra llena de arrepentimientos

No me ames, para estar en tierra, quiero alzar el vuelvo
Con tu gran amor por el azul del cielo

No se que decirte, esa la verdad
Si la gente quiere, sabe lastimar
Tu y yo partiremos
ellos no se mueven
Pero en este cielo sola no me dejes

No me dejes, no me dejes
No me eschuches, si te digo "no me ames"
No me dejes, no desarmes
Mi corazon con ese "no me ames"

No me ames, to lo ruego
Mi amargura dejame
Sabes bien, que no puedo
Que es inutil, que siempre te amare
No me ames, pues te hare sufrir
Con este corazon que se ileno de mil inviernos

No me ames para asi olvidarte de tus dias grises
Quiero que me ames solo por amarme

No me ames, tu y yo volaremos
Uno con el otro y seguiremos siempre juntos
Este amor es como el sol que sale tras de la tormenta
Com dos cometas en la misma estela

No me ames
No me ames
No me ames

Todos tenga un fines de semana buenos!
(I stink at Spanish, but I'm learning)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I No Longer Sleep With Butterflies... :)

I'm on a blogging respite.

Too many things.

Welcome a new character to the book that is my life.
When you have come to close a chapter, another one is laid out ahead of you.

Saying goodbye to a muse. I haven't even said goodnight. Bittersweet.

I'm going places I've never even imagined.
The piercing of the dream bubble. Morpheus into Desire's arms.


I'm, currently loving Aya Kato:

These pages will come back with a renewed life. Soon.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

In The Pink Of Health

On its third edition this year, the country's most hysterical film event, the Pink Festival (The International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival), unreels from June 1 to 7 at the Gateway, the newest mall to rise in Cubao, Quezon City.

Celebrating with the world the annual Gay Pride Month, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, in cooperation with the Mowelfund Film Institute and ProGay, mounts this week-long film event with empowering images of gays and lesbians, a community much too often ridiculed with stereotypes on screen. With its theme, "In the Pink of Health," the festival highlights the human and health rights of this marginalized sector.

The extravaganza opens with Ellen Ongkeko's dazzling directorial debut, "Mga Pusang Gala" (Wayward Cats) starring Irma Adlawan and Ricky Davao as next-door neighbors sharing a house, sex fantasies and lousy lovers.

The always impressive Davao manages to deliver not just another gay role, but a totally different take on the tortured, if hysterical, existence of the Pinoy bakla. But Adlawan shares half of the fun (and the tears) in the film as she essays a highly sympathetic role of a fiercely independent bohemian Marta. The film is as much a woman's as it is a gay film.

In another major film premiere, the freshest male showbiz sensation, Coco Martin, gambles on a most offbeat debut character as the exploited male prostitute in Brillante Mendoza's "Masahista" (The Masseur), opposite "Macho Dancer" stars Alan Paule and Jacklyn Jose.

Not to be outshone is the Taiwanese film that will open this year's international section. "F-17" is a feel-good movie with to-die-for handsome Chinese boys loving and hurting in the mad world of Taiwanese society. Balancing the gay fantasies generated by this film and other titles like last year's megahit, Hamilton McLeod's "Inter.Mates" starring Ian Veneracion, are gay and lesbian films that take the mask off society's hypocritical regard of LGBTs.

Academy award-winning director Debra Chasnoff brings from the American heartland three powerful documentaries that hit intolerance and homophobia among young audiences in "That's a Family" and two other films. In her "One Wedding and a Revolution," she chases around town the troublemaking Gavin Newsom who figures in a huge firestorm of debate as the new mayor of San Francisco when he gave same-sex couples the right to get married at city hall.

Filipino-American filmmaker Jennifer Ting peeks into the secret world of lesbians in Seattle and we see how ordinary lesbians dispel bad stereotypes among their peer groups in the docu-drama, "Not Straightforward."

From Norway, Kenneth Elvebakk uncovers "The Secret Club," an underground society for homosexuals established in Oslo in 1950 when homosexuality was a criminal offence then. With humor and a touch of sadness, a group of older homosexual men recall titillating episodes from their youth, as well as the negative reactions from society. In a similar film, memories of teenage lesbian love are awakened and suppressed feelings begin to rise when two old ladies bump into each other in Claudia Lorenz's "Hoi Maya" from Switzerland.

The festival also boasts of promising Filipino artists such as Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo who joins the digital revolution with her whimsical short film "Babae," a tale of two women who boldly redefine what family means in a community along the railroad tracks. A group of students from De La Salle capture the magic of "hard-of-hearing" gays whose sign language takes wild flights of fancy in their thesis film, "When Pink Fingers Talk."

Chris Pablo's rediscovered 1998 educational video "Slow Motion" is a subtle yet penetrating diatribe on anti-gay bullying in grade schools.

The Pink Festival 2005 is also supported by the Finland Embassy, the Swiss Embassy, Philippine NGO Support Program (PHANSuP), Women's Educational Media (Womedia), Norweigian Film Institute, University of the Philippines Film Institute and AIDS Society of the Philippines.

Reservations and Season's Passes will soon be made available. Corporate sponsorships and provincial bookings are now being accepted. For more information, call: Mowelfund Film Institute at 410 4567; 727 1915 local 202; or 3673109.

Visit the website at www.pinkfilmfest.cjb.net or e-mail progay@yahoo.com

See yah there!

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

In Fairness To Anthony

He may have lost the chance at the spot, but it doesnt matter. He left on a night where he OUTPERFORMED the rest, even Carrie Underwood (he totally OWNED the song). Mirroring Simon's words: "Anthony made everyone look like amateurs (in a silly British Accent)"

Obviously, this show is fixed. Simon had been pimping Ms. CarrieRoboto eversince. I don't know, maybe because she seems the most naive of the lot and the producers can make a killing on how they are gonna use her, and make a zillion dollars. Don't take me wrong, Carrie has a very, very, very clean and unique voice. Beautiful even. Yun nga lang, wala syang stage presence. Kumbaga sa acting, she's Carlos Agassi or Matthew Mendoza (of the 90's era-I know, so archaic) of the singing world. I liked her at the start of the season, however with the obnoxious overpraising of Mr. Cowell to this Southern lass, I lost my respect for her. Heck, if she was to come up on stage, slash the neck of a lamb and spread the blood on the band, the stage and even the judges, and NOT sing, Simon would still say something to the effects of: "That was absolutely, sensationally, stupendously brilliant, really!"

And please don't tell me Mr. Bo -ring will also have a shot at it. To tell the truth, his monotonous baritone lacks range. There are a few songs that really fit him. And since America is trying to prove something (read: that a "rocker" can win this season) he might just actually get it. Ok America, magpaka aliw kayo sa pagbubuhat ng mic stand across the stage and all that same routine.

The only other person I can see winning it is Vonzell. Sadly, the producers will rig it again and make her lose next week.

So, in closing America overlooked what an Idol should had been: A class act; fresh young talent; clean records; humble in his accomplishments; bravery in facing his biggest detractor; has the looks, the bod and the smile; and most of all the voice that will only improve over the years. I've never been as attached to any single contestant as I've done so with Mr. Fedorov. I guess, he's just inspiring.

Hold On To The Nights, Mr. Fedorov. You've been blessed with an Angel's voice and that will be your ticket to Climb Every Mountain. You've made me Wanna Know What Love really Is and never forget that I've Got You here in my heart for always. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do but there are times when you have to let go. I Knew You Were Waiting For this night but you're Almost There. So many people want to put you down. They are like Poison Ivy rashes that just doesnt go away. We hope they are happy now. I'll never forget The Way You Looked Tonight. Everytime someone like You Go Away, it pains us, but thats the way life goes. The show would be Incomplete without your stage presence, that is to us, a breath of fresh air.

Don't Take Away his Music. I Surrender to you, Anthony. *

Oh and he doesn't need the title. He already won my heart.

*you have to pardon the sappiness (and the grammatical error here and there). I'd done this for Tori Amos before. I'd bet you'd do the same thing to someone you admire a lot.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Epitome Of (Online Storage) Greed

I am now officially the master and commander of 6 GB (Read: gigabytes!!!) of online storage.

Out of this, I collectively have 20% full.

A Ripley's/Guiness candidate for sure.

Yahoo. What you do to me.

Which Gummie sin am I? Im:
gummy eating gummy. yum!

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Swinging Doors

Ever get days when things pile up, concurrently happen, and you feel you have to stick your head above the flood otherwise you'll go crazy?

I'm having those days. Things are happening a whole lot faster than I can write about them.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Week Enders vol. 7

Wow. This is becoming bi-weekly. Darn.

This week's topic, or shall I say focus, is triteness. After a string of obnoxiously long posts: Less words, more filling.

Mr. Wonderwall and I are on a hiatus. 6 and a half months. There, 'nuff said.

HOWEVER, I'm in like. Extreme like. Like I've never felt before. He likes, I like. So this is how it feels like. It's like that, y'all.

Dogie/Pupie/Junjun just ate a cockroach yesterday. Now he's sick. Mom's going on a rampage.

Sunday. Subic. Sun. Sand. Friends. Luau.

Good Weekends. You. You. Oh and you.

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Strike 2 For The Summer!

[Music of the Moment: We Belong - Mariah Carey ]
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Friday, May 06, 2005

The Music Of Delirium Act 2

previously known as Booze Me Up, Scotty: Let Me Climb Your Mountain

[First Part]

The Fates have their own brand of humor. Entire lives would sometimes be just an anecdote, their scissors ready to snip at any thread they choose. Justice has no jurisdiction in their realm. On and on, they weave the tapestry of the world as they have always done since the dawn of time.

When we last left young Orpheus, he was entrenched in the abode of the fabled Sirens of the Isle. He fell into a lucid dream, an effect of being around their hypnotic beauty. As the fates would have it, all is not as grim. Orpheus found friendship in two of the siren brood, Aglaope (she of glorious face) and Ligeia (the bright-voiced one). Unlike their sisters, these two had a semblance of human compassion. They had long sought to let go of their ways, however, their elder sister's command can not be challenged. Orpheus played his lyre for the two maidens, and his songs were some of the best pieces the world should have known.

Out of the 5 sisters, Orpheus adored Aglaope the most. Eventhough Peisinoe was the eldest, she was not the fairest of the brood. This was a jewel in Aglaope's crown, however, the physical attribute is not what Orpheus fell for. It was her wit, her bravery and her honesty. Though they sing in enthralling songs that give the hapless mortals sweet tastes of fantasies in their last moments on this reality, never had she succumbed to using illusions for deception. She had sent an immeasurable number of mortal men to Hades, however she is just driven by her nature. An ardent soul was what Orpheus saw in her.

She was Orpheus's companion in the moons that followed. Aglaope showed Orpheus secrets that had been kept from mortal eyes since man's first footfall on this planet. She taught him to talk in the language of the stars. One odd springtime night, Orpheus rescued her from a crazed cyclops that had come lumbering after her. She had been waging a word war with the beast and when things got out of hand, the monster tried to devour her. Orpheus managed to diffuse the cyclop's anger by using his lyre.

This newfound friendship was shortlived, however, because Peisinoe was becoming too suspicious of the two. She contrived ways on how to split them up. She would hold banquets at night, where all of the sisters' attendance was required. She would give out orders to everyone and make sure that Aglaope gets the farthest location. She would even bring her sisters companions just so that time would pass faster. Aglaope had no choice but to comply to her sister's whims. But before she lost her communication with Orpheus, she was able to give him a crystal shell unlike any other shell on the Isle.

Saddened by the abrupt separation, Orpheus was melancholic for several moons. He found solace in the arms of Dionysus. They had nights of mutual adulation and carnal lust. The god of Wine even introduced him to his harem of beautiful slaves. Bacchanalia at its finest was what Dionysus offered. Amidst all this, Orpheus had that searing emptiness in his heart. Loneliness in companionship, ironic yet true to his predicament. He held on to the memoir of Aglaope. The closest thing to warmth he can find.

The luminous object was a Fidelis Shell. It radiated with a warm glow that thaws frost bitten hearts. Within it lies a dormant spirit that only awakens once held by a heart in despair. It has its own voice. It soothes tired souls. It listens.

This oracle gave Orpheus renewed strenght. Everytime he would converse with the entity, life flows back into his sinews. He managed to spring forth from his gloom. He faced the crowds again, rejoined the revelry. His beauty illuminated people's desires. Men and women wanted to become his consort. He gloried in the newfound freedom and fame. The Isle seemed to have found a new god. Much to the displeasure of the Sirens, specifically, the queen of the brood, Peisinoe.

She wouldn't allow anyone to ursurp her throne. Not even a demigod. All around her, her sisters were secretly enjoying the festive mood of the isle. For the first time in seventy eight millenia, they could fade away into the background and rest their fatalistic existence. But in front of Peisinoe they showed a different face. A sympathetic one. The eldest sister deemed that Orpheus is overshadowing her land.

The self-appointed queen of the sirens held a banquet the next moon. A festivity that the Isle had never seen before. She had invited people from all over the four corners of the known world. Kings, pheasants and everything else in between. The Isle bustled with so much activity, even the sleeping Titans could wake up any moment. Every color, every race, every kind made their presence felt. A banquet that even the god of Wine cannot match.

The Sirens presided over the occassion. Clad in splendid ensembles, their beauty induced delirium to those who glimpsed upon it. The festivity was held in the cavernous hall of their abode. The place had been decorated from wall to wall with exotic flowers and intricate, and almost life like murals. So detailed these murals were, the subjects were eerily alive. Unearthly music was drafting throughout the hall, with no visible source. Like the wind it carresses the ears, like a gale, it shreds your inhibition.

The music stopped. And so did everyone in the room. Purple smoke was steaming from the middle of the room and all attention was drawn to it. And in a blaze of spectacular fireworks, Peisinoe came out of a gigantic shell. She had the allure of a thousand women encased in a body, mortal men would consider perfection. She bade the merrymakers welcome to her abode. She even welcomed Orpheus, who was just sitting in the far corner of the room. He could almost swear that he heard a hiss after the seductress mentioned his name.

The music resumed in full blast. Peisinoe astounded all those who watched by calling forth a golden chalice out of thin air. It was heavily bejewelled and adorned with carvings of an unrecognizable language. A droplet of the moon, she called forth and water from the hidden founts of the Ellysian fields she added. She uttered in a queer accent an almost inaudible chant. And then the cup overflowed.

In it was the sweetest nectar one could ever taste on this earth. She passed the chalice to the mortal nearest her. He drank his share like it was the last drink he'll ever have, and then he passed it to the one beside him. Which he in turn did the same. And so on and so forth until it was halfway across the cavernous hall. What's perplexing about it, is that no matter how many men drink - or even spill- from the cup, it never empties. The nectar once it enters anyones body will take control of their faculties and induce illusions of varying degrees of morbid beauty.

Orpheus experienced Nirvana in the instance the liquid took hold of him. Every color became alive, leapt out of the the murals. The painted faces suddenly became real, the bodies gyrating in the mind numbing melodious music. His body started to sway in the same rhythm. Everybody transformed into crazed worshippers of a pagan shrine.

Souls both mortal and immortal, took their sip of the forbidden concoction. Everyone except Peisinoe and Dionysus, who sat on high diases way above the crowd, just looking on. Peisinoe with a hint of a sneer on her pretty face.

Orpheus was lost to the intoxication. Delirium took the floor. Aglaope and Ligeia took this time to let go of their shackles and had the time of their lives. They danced with Orpheus until they screamed. Emancipation.

And then things went dark.

When Orpheus came to, he was in the courtyard. The music seemed to come from so far away. Still a bit dizzy, he noticed that the two Sirens were in front of him surrounded by a glowing barrier. They were out cold too. He tried to knock the barrier with his fist. However everytime he attempted to do so, a bolt of lightning struck his half-immortal frame.

A voice came from behind him. Sultry, sophorific, deadly.
"You have desecrated my sisters. Now prepare to die!"

[Music of the Moment: that ethereal music played by the wood and water nymphs of the Isle ]
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Bug Got To Me

Just can't get enough of it. Carlo and Jodeck, kasalanan nyo to! :)
Aside from going on a written word overdrive, I was designing my other baby (http://2020.blurty.com) on the side . Once again, old skin had to be shed off. Dear gawd, that was so dark and dreary. I guess, the look of my blog just reflects where I am in life. Ladies and Gentlewomen, welcome back to the glory days of the 20's and the 30's. Days when the sun shines and the nights sizzle.

Maximalism is my credo. Art Deco is my blood.

click now or pay the consequences!
It won't bite. Click on it. Now.

Will be coming up with more sidebar contents in the future. Any suggestions?

[Music of the Moment: Poison Ivy - Anthony Fedorov ]
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Monday, May 02, 2005

Spot the Difference!

Can you tell me whats wrong with this picture?

Clicking on it won't hurt.

Thats my second workstation at the office. American Idol related sites? Check. Anthony Fedorov sites? Check, MP3 software/downloader/player? Check. Work related windows...uhmn, what is w-o-r-k? Ha!

And since I've totally lost it over this guy, notice that I'm playing La Dion's and his version simultaneously (yeah, I put the SSS in obsessed). Could you believe that they are actually singing in the same key? Unbelievable, but true.

[Music of the Moment: if it isnt obvious, well you must have your eyes checked. ]
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Literally, Between Acts

So, allow me yet another intermission.

There's so much life I've left to live
And this fire is burning still
When I watch you look at me
I think I could find the will
To stand for every dream
And forsake this solid ground
And give up this fear within
Of what would happen if they ever knew
I'm in love with you

Things I've learned from the Top 5 Contestants of American Idol4

1. Bo Bice - you just have to stay true to your roots. As he said/sang "..don't wanna be anything other than what I'm tryin to be lately.." Pretentious people tend to fall on the wayside out on their own accord, no effort needed on your part. If in some weeks, they step over your comfort zone, worry not. A surprise vindication is in the works. And it always does happen.

2. Carrie Underwood - everybody loves Pinnochio. It can be seen in everyday things, in this case entertainment. Wooden acting, now wooden singing/performance. I don't know if she just had a facelift, or her mug was just pasted on to her head, but she can't even show a tinge of emotion in any of her numbers. She's the caucasian equivalent of our very own, Kyla. Vocally gifted, but emotionally devoid. As she said in the interview after singing about "cakes and chinese checkers", she doesnt know what the hell she's doing.

3. Vonzell Solomon - You can be vocally better and can connect to your audience better and can perform better (basically be in a completely different league) than little Miss Pinnochio above, but if you don't have the pimping of the judges, then your days are numbered. Very much like professional life. Buffoons get ahead thanks to other buffoons. Let's hear it for this girl.

4. Scott Savog, er, Savol - you can get away with murder...Murdering songs, that is. Also, people don't care about your past. You could be a wife beater, a philanderer, even the leader of the Third Reich, but as long as you have that elusive "masa" appeal, against all odds, you will reach the infinite heights.

5. Anthony Fedorov - sometimes, even if you pour your heart out in a song or whatever you do for that matter, even if you give the best performance for the night/of your life, even if you take a huge risk, life would still punch you square in the face. Did you notice that he was so shocked to be in the bottom two? And he wore his glasses after the commercials, because in his heart he feared that it was his time to go, and it would be very painful to cry with contact lenses on? (awwwww...come here you!)How could you, tone deaf people of America?! (well, at least, you eliminated Mr. Maroulis who was a lot more pitch problems than Mr. Savog, er, Savol)

'Cause I'd surrender everything
To feel the chance to live again
I reach to you
I know you can feel it too
We'd make it through
A thousand dreams I still believe
I'd make you give them all to me
I'd hold you in my arms and never let go
I surrender

~ I Surrender by Louis Biancaniello and Sam Watters

Obsessing about this song as of the moment. Beautiful words, honest melody. That, and having someone who provides the accompaniment to my symphony...Yup, I believe in that L word once again.

[Music of the Moment: I Surrender -Anthony's and Celine's version played simultaneously ]
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