Friday, April 22, 2005

Week Enders vol. 6

Pardon me but I have to put my series on hold for a while. The weekends loom before us for chrissakes! Who would be sitting down in front of their PCs and read my meanderings on these glorious days? As a distraction, its been quite a while since I've done my Week Enders. I missed it sorely. New to these pages? Well weekenders had been around for a while. (See the number). I used to have one Friday every week, but as for now, only when the time allows. What I do is I have 6 bullets and I have to fill them up with related tidbits from a single topic. For this week, the focus is: Crazy People.

Due to reasons of national security and sanity, I'm doing the first one in a blind item fashion. Crazy person (notice the lack of pronouns? Bato bato na lang.) number 1 goes on a very fabulous trip, meets little old me and welcomes me into their temporary domicile in paradise as a guest. A few days later, CP1 (crazy person 1) accusses me of fondling breasts. Women breasts, at that! This caused me to walk out in disgust and pity for the CP. They know me like the way that slutty Mariah Carey knows how to wear a nun's vestment. They know me not. (curious? It will be coming up in future entries)

Ok blind item over. Crazy Person number 2 is that officemate of mine who backed out at the last minute. When we made the budget projection over a month ago, we were both gung-ho about it. A few days prior to the trip, CP2 shopped like a madman-woman. A day before the trip, he was left with barely enough to last 3 days (we were shooting for an entire week). A day before the trip CP2 cancelled. While I was busy wasting my life away in leisure, I found out through a reliable source that CP2 went to Bataan with the remaining money of his. At this point I would have wrung his neck, its just that he welcomed me back so warmly the other night and vowed to make ammends, my hands forgot about the wringing urge. All is well, my brother.

CP numero Tres is that crazy dude I met on the shores of Bora. He's just...well, crazy. Too crazy. However, I won't transcribe the juicy details here. (yup, Advent Blogging Act 123 - thou shall not write anything related to personal relationships. Thats something to treasure. Bury it, keep something back. Allusions, however are welcome.) Can't help it. He's way too hot to pass up. Drop dead beeyootifool, gym-pampered bod and a good conversationalist. He flattered me, he satiated me and he fulfilled a fantasy. But have I told you he's crazy? Lucky I gave him my temporary sim number.

Back on the shores of Metro Manila, in the officefront, Crazy Person number four is our Global Manager cum Evil Queen who found out that one (read: one) agent on the floor was keeping credit card numbers in his PDA. CP4 went ballistic and passed a universal law of the land: that anything that can electronically store information (read: celly, PDAs, MP3 players..) is banned for all eternity from going beyond the reception area. Anyone caught will be dealt with accordingly, or burned at the stake, whichever he/she prefers. I'm rousing up the peace-loving local villagers to go after Mr. Evil Queen with firebrands and pitchforks.

5th Crazy Person of the week is, of course, yours truly. Who shaved his head for the trip? Who stayed out all day long without a drop of sunblock? Who else would come up with a list like this? That's right. CP5 = Me.

You might have seen this coming but this list wouldn't be complete without including the craziest person I know: my Mom. (See this episode). This week I came home and I saw her in the bathroom drawing the bath. But it wasn't for her. It was for Dogie/Puppy/Jun-jun. "Ah, basta dapat mabango si Jun-jun! Walang pake-elamanan!" was all she said at my gruntled look, while she was busy bathing the dog like she does a little baby.

You know that fruity commercial on T.V. where Ricky Reyes is asking everyone to guess who used Palmolive? Its none of the the two girls on screen as both of them came straight from the salon. The one who used Palmolive, however, is Jun-Jun.

btw, its already showing over yonder, I hope this makes it here too. Me = Drooling like a fool.

The Interpreter
Kidman - Penn

Have a crazy weekend you, you and you! Stay beautiful.

[Music of the Moment: September - Farewell perfomance Anwar Robinson ]
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