Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Tale of The Dog With Three Names

After so many years of absence, we again have a living, breathing animal occupying that vacant little doghouse we made several years back. Courtesy of our family beautician (you know, those parlor owners whom you've grown up with over the years?) this little bundle of joy is a halfbreed. Half Shitzu, that proud breed from the land of the rising sun; and half Askal, that proud breed from the land of Azucena. I'm a proud owner of a Kal-Tzu.

Make no mistake about it. This breed is a blessing from heaven. It has that "cute as a button" appeal, which makes you go all crazy about. And true to its pinoy roots, it has a built-in trash compactor-like stomach. It can eat anything (leftovers and whatever is lying strewn across the household: door stoppers, paper clips, plastic toys, wanna continue?...) and not get indigestion. It does away with the need to buy those overpriced dog chows and treats. Plus, it keeps the house tidy. San ka pa?

As a tribute to one of my most favorite local comic strips for all time (Pugad Baboy, check out volume 7 where the ba-Boys trekked up Mt. Banahaw) I came up with a name for him. From now on, I'm calling him Dogie. Yup. Thats with an -ie, not -y. Think about it. Its the most ingenious name ever. No one would name their, uhm, dog, Dogie. It just adds to his uniqueness: a rare breed warrants a rare name. Plus its so easy to remember.

Of course this was met with bawling laughter from my sisters and they insisted on other names, which of course are all cheeseball names. I stood my ground. That will be his name from now on. Like a decree, I expect it to be obeyed by the underlings. That was until my youngest sister blurted something that knocked me off my feet. "Why call him dogie? He's barely 3 months old. Ah basta, I'm gonna call him Puppie." And then Confucious said: "let there be two geniuses in the family".

Things got a bit confusing for some days. Half of the household calling him Dogie, half Puppie. That was until my loka loka (yet very lovable) mom hopped into the foray. This happened when we were fighting over who gets to play with Dogie/Puppie next. We were calling out the names we want and see who he comes to. Like me, my mom is a true blue Vilmanian. Out of the blue she said "Ibalik niyo sakin si Jun-Jun!" And then the dog ran to her like a lunatic.

[insert "Sino Ang Baliw" theme song here]

[Music of the Moment:Never Can Say Goodbye: David Brown AI4 ]
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