Friday, April 08, 2005

Shake It For Me

Last nightI had a very uncharacteristic dream. Uncharacteristic AND weird. I was walking in a garden straight out of the Disney movies. Think painfully pleasant colors and characters. Bambi was there, Dumbo too, and so was Goofy and Pluto (the ugliest cartoon dog in existence) and all the cutesy-fartsy, fawning characters all merrily traipsing about and singing their woodland songs. I was about to draw a revolver out of thin air (you know how dreams go) and shoot myself back to consciousness when I came to a clearing. There in the middle of the woods was a tent straight out of Arabian Nights. And enchanting bedouin music was playing, softly at first, then louder and louder. I stepped into the tent and there I saw (as far as I can remember) the most beautiful belly dancer in existence (or non-existence, whichever way you look at it). She was gyrating her pelvis in the most seductive way and I was staring at her like a lovestruck fool for a very long while.

It was eeriely almost similar to this:

Take note, before now, I haven't even seen these pictures. The reason why I posted them was that, when I came back to reality, I decided to watch T.V. and probably shake off the weirdness. I was watching MYX and guess who I saw? I came across the music video of Shakira (its that uber hot Latina with the signature pelvic thrusts pictured above)


She sang this song, btw:

So I find a reason to shave my legs
Each single morning
So I count on someone on
Friday nights to take me dancing
And then to church on Sundays
To plant more dreams
And someday think of kids
Or maybe just to save a little money

You're the one I need
The way back home is always long
But if you're close to me I'm holding on
You're the one I need
My real life has just begun
Cause there's nothing like your smile made of sun

In the world full of strangers
You're the one I know

So I learned to cook
and finally lose my kitchen phobia
So I've got the arms to cuddle in
When there's a ghost or a muse
That brings insomnia
To buy more thongs
And write more happy songs
It always takes a little help from someone

You're the one I need
With you my real life has just begun
Nothing like your smile made of sun

I like the song. Actually, I like the honesty in the words. The next day, Mr. W called to wake me up. There was this stupid smile on my face. The refrain was playing in my head.

However, I'm still torn at what the dream actually wants to say. Can it be that I'm picking up T.V. transmissions and able to play it back in my head, just mix it up with all the kookiness that is in there? Or could it be that I'm having a, *gasp*, heterosexual man's wet dream...

*draws revolver out of thin air and shoots himself.

[Music of the Moment: bellydancing with Shakira ]
[Mood: uhm, belly dancing? ]


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