Monday, April 25, 2005

Seeing Thru One Eye

Ok, weekends over. Aside from me meeting Fidel, my crushie from Downelink, and him meeting my friends; this in turn resulted in me getting a ton of teasing from Cris, Chiqui and Rex (they said they'll be putting up a blotter for me at Bantay Bata 163 for dating a minor -which he is not. He's 19! Yes he is...well, at least on his birthday this year!); spending time at home which I haven't done for the longest time now; updating my Friendster & Downelink profile and pics like crazy; watching a company Basketball game which I have zero interest in, all for the sake of friends playing; a drinking session at Grilla, Rockwell with the gang; not getting a hangover which I was kinda hoping I would because I don't want to come in for work today...not much had happened.

That drinking session apparently had other nefarious things in mind for me. I woke up today, thinking, what the fork? I'm blind! . . . Strike that. Half blind! I can't open my left eye. I tried, however its way too painful. And besides, when I do, tears gush forth. Its crazy. I came in to work with tinted shades and matching cap (just to take attention off the eyes). Walking along Paseo De Roxas to my building, I have to stop every few meters to try and see if there are any potholes in front of me, that and I had to wipe tears gushing from my left eye. Funny thing happened, I had to stop at a corner and wipe tears. Then Fidel texted me the usual "take care on your way to work" text. So I was reading my celly and wiping my eye, thats when 2 guards, a man and a lady, approached me and asked:

"Ok, ka lang, Totoy?"

I almost laughed out loud, if only these stupid tears aren't in the way, so I stiffled it. They offered me water (so sweet of them) and asked why I'm bawling.

"Nakipag break ba girlfriend mo sayo?" inquired the lady guard.

Ok, strike two. First, they call me Totoy (which in the bit least is flattering..Age doesn't show. hehe) then they ask this. If only there are more people like these then the world would be a better place. It was really so thoughtful of them but wrong person, wrong situation. I just told them I'm ok really. Oh, well, at least they made my day.

Lesson for the day boys and girls: Alcohol, if taken in nonmoderation is (semi)evil!

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