Monday, April 25, 2005

Land Of The Eagles: Green Corner Of The Azure Sky

Change of pace. Instead of my usual belaboring, I'm doing this post in semi-photoblog style. Semi being the operative word because, heck, I'm still gonna belabor. Yes, as the Borgs say: Resistance Is Futile. :)

Jetty Port. The gateway to Boracay. In all fairness, this port is progressing. The first time I got here, this was still under construction. And it was only a single gazebo type structure back then. They've modernized the look and the ticketing system as well. For the first time, the people look like they actually know what they are doing! Also they have implemented these new safety measures like, taking down the names of passengers. So that just in case your boat capsizes in the middle of the least your name will be included in the dramatic liturgy. I kid, I kid.

Here we spot a foolish camwhore taking a pose in front of his digicam. Notice the serial killer type smile; the intricate and highly flambouyant (read: gay) attire; the semi shaved head for a more marketable approach; the shiny nose due to the arguably long trip (read: 2hours - thats an eternity to me); the yellow teeth due to gorging on chocolate during the entire trip (self deprecation RULES!) ; also notice the lack of passengers on this ferry due to his luggage taking up most of the available space onboard; the buff out bod ready for the escapade...wait, what are you saying you can't see it!? The rippling muscles, the delicious biceps and gluteus maximus? Oh, right, I'm talking about another picture.

And I was talking about this stolen shot of an island native. Sadly, my digicam was created last century hence you can't see the entire package. Mr. Seaman over there is huge! Like every inch of him is taunting you, telling you to take a bite. At least that's what it told me. However, this is Station 3 and the ferry only made a stop over to drop off these unruly teenagers on board. Oh well.

Station 2. In front of the hotel of Mr. Wonderwall and friends. A beach that streches out an entire 4.5 kilometers. And thats just the White Beach! There's still Puka Beach, and other smaller stretches strewn all around. Have you ever tried a 4.5 kilometer walkathon?

Ah, Tirol and Tirol. Spacious, tropical interior. Thatched houses that remind you of the bahay kubos of yore, only they have unique, modern twists. Its just beside the Regency Hotel (which eeriely all the employees, even the manager, are consistent in pronouncing it: RE-jen-si. Not ri-jen-si. Who knows, maybe the owner is Reginald or something.)

You could never have too much greenery in your surroundings. Just keep on going straight and you'll get your footsies wet.

The cast of Lost in Arrested Development: Sex and the Island. Beautiful people one and all. Look at those gorgeous faces. Bidding starts at $1500...except of course that handsome dude in brown. He's pricier.. Do I hear $1600? :)

Here's what happens when the camera timer runs out and you haven't have enough time to project. What do you do? You sneer. Yeah. Everyone in this picture is from that institution along Katipunan with that humongous blue chicken as a mascot, well everyone..almost. Guess who's from the rival school? 5:1. Ang saya.

In all due fairness, these peeps are very warm and endearing. They are as down to earth as humanly possible. I guess, the stereotypes are not 100% accurate. See this fool in the videowall? He's smiling because it was a trip worth remembering. Independence? Check. Unmitigated fun? Check. Tomfoolery? Check. Drama? Check.

Drama?!? Well...Thats another story.

[Music of the Moment: Mc Arthur's Park - Carrie Underwood ]
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