Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm Back And I'm Black

And you know how the saying goes. All together now: "Once you go..."

Well I'm not really THAT dark. Surprisingly, I just got a shade darker...uhm, Sige na nga! I got three shades darker! There.

Thats what you get when you stay out in the sun for hours on end, for 6 whole days, and (are you ready for this?) without applying a drop of sunblock. You think: silly boy, you have lost it. Not really, its just a part of my trip mantra. To enjoy the trip to the fullest, when in Rome, NEVER do as the Romans do.

But I jump ahead of my story. If you had been reading these pages, you'll be familiar with this. This will be the second series in Quintology (the first one was about Mr. Wonderwall). If you're new to this or just happened to drop by these pages, this is my convenient excuse to write a reaaaally long entry.

I. Flights of Fancy: Independence Day
II. Land of the Eagles: Green Corner of the Azure Sky
III. Booze Me Up, Scotty: Let Me Climb Your Mountain
IV. Sizzling Sheets: Let's Hear It For The Boy/s
V. Untitled (ok, so I haven't come up with one yet.)

I'll give you a penny if you can name who sang those songs (that is assuming they can be recognized). So, ready to listen? Let me put up the volume a little bit higher. I can't hear myself think...

[Music of the Moment: that ubiquitous Gaynor song ]
[Mood: sunburnt to perfection ]


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