Thursday, April 07, 2005



Its like a silent confirmation. Eversince I saw him perform on stage, there was this lingering thought at the back of my head that he is one of us.

I'm talking about Anwar Robinson.

Barbra Streisand songs, Chaka Khan, and now ladies and gentlemen: THE SCARF TO END ALL SCARVES!!!!

And because of that, he's my next American Idol. :)

*(Z snaps)* You go, girl!


Paula Abdul has GOT to lay off on those upper pills. Its in the eyes, I tell you. She's loaded. And did you see her in the closing shots? She totally lost it. It was funny, though.

post-post script:

Dear Anthony,
What the fark happened? I may be your craziest, dorkiest, biggest fan on the face of this planet but CLIMB EVERY ****n MOUNTAIN? Sure, I'd like to climb YOUR mountain but whats with the first few lines? William Hung sounded better! Did you get any sleep the night before? Nevertheless, I would still remain devoted to thee. You looked so hot tonight. Blue, like the color of your eyes, is so you.

Love lots,

[Music of the Moment: If Ever I Would Leave You from Camelot by Anwar Robinson ]
[Mood: standing on a mountain top, offering sacrifices to an deity ]


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