Monday, April 04, 2005

Hitting Them High

Crazy weekend. Evenmoreso, for the next.

6 days from now, we'll be basking in the talcum-like white sands of that little 8 kilometer-long beach down south. The booze, the luau, the heavenly bodies and beautiful faces, the hallucinogenic parties, the BEACH...If I could cut up this week from the folds of time and bring it to Sunday, I will.

Mr. W and I, along with a ton of friends will be storming the island. I guess I just broke my pattern.

Life is good.

I've met Kervin, a Metropop graduate, batchmate of Kyla, trained under Ryan Cayabyab's school of music, and has the most amazing voice. I had the chance to sing with him. He liked what he heard. Me. Smiling.

[Music of the Moment: That song by Peabo Bryson ]
[Mood: elated as elated can be ]


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