Thursday, April 21, 2005

Flights Of Fancy: Independence Day pt.2

You could never make me sit inside a vehicle for hours on end. I squirm, I bitch, I nag everybody just to keep my own sanity. Better to have them lose it, than me right? Thats why, Jen, I'm having second thoughts on that Baguio thing. Would you skin me alive if I just fly there and wait till you arrive? :) I kid, I kid.

In the same way, I couldn't imagine me sitting inside a ship travelling in the middle of the sea for 18 hours just to get to paradise. No worse torture for me. That's why I can forgive you Mr. Cancel-A-Day-Before-Partypooper, what you did was actually a blessing in disguise. Aside from reconnecting me with my estranged (hehe, the term) father, I was able to travel first class.

looky. OPEN ticket. Pinch me.
Yup, P15.00. Roundtrip. San ka pa?

My dad woke me up early the next day. So early, you cant even consider it tomorrow yet. He told me I better have my bags packed already because he was taking me to the airport. He kept on asking me if the hotel had been informed of my arrival, how to make sure I don't take the wrong shuttle from Kalibo to Caticlan, if I brought enough sunscreen to last me until the sun runs out of steam and fizzles out of the sky. Heck, he was even more excited than morning-glory-eyed me! Ang cute.

He dropped me off the departure area at the Centennial Airport. Not without a ton of instruction on what to do next. So, there I was. A thousand pounds of luggage and me, alone on a flight for the first time. The only thing keeping me company was my trusty MP3 player and my digicam. As soon as I checked in my ticket and my humongous bag, I had to wait.

Dark. Foreboding? Yup. Of my color in the days to come.
Mugshot? Check.

The Centennial Airport is a million miles away in sophistication from the derelict that is the NAIA. Spacious interior, chic-modern feel to the lines and the accents, a swarm of restaurants and specialty shops, overbearingly polite attendants. However, no matter how slick the facade is, the airport, like all the other airports I've already seen, is so cold. No, not the temperature, you silly. Just the atmosphere. Its a place of separation. Could there be anything colder than that?

But then a few minutes before boarding, I got this thru text:

I know this is important to you, thats why I want you to enjoy it as best as you can. Have the time of your life, but don't overindulge. Your mom and I are just a text away should in case you have any emergency. Have fun, my son.

How ironic can it be? That the missing piece between the two of us would be flying? It had been staring at my face all along. I've readjusted my views. I couldn't ask for more. A smile, unconsciously slipped thru.

"Final call for passengers boarding flight 239 headed for Kalibo..."

Here goes.

Snapshot of a random couple? Check.

[Music of the Moment: Don't Take Away The Music - Anthony Fedorov ]
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