Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Flights Of Fancy: Independence Day pt.1

I've never thought I can actually fly on my own. Eversince I was little, I have this inherent fear of heights. Even 2 storey buildings cause me dizzy spells. Thru the years, I've somehow managed to mitigate this affliction. Now I can take 3 storeys and not get nausea! (insert canned laughter here)

Imagine 26,000 feet above sea level.

I've crossed the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea to visit my relatives before, I've also taken my first trip to Bora thru one of PAL's flights to Kalibo. However, through all of these past trips, as far as I can remember, I kept the blinds shut real tight. I don't know. I just don't want to see the little green men tearing away the wings of the plane, I guess.

But then this time around, I swore to the highest heavens that this trip would push thru come hell or high waters. Initially, the plan was to go on these rusty RO-RO's that goes to all of the major ports in the country. I did not make use of my flight priveleges (thanks to my ever-loving father) and had to rough it up because I was going with an officemate that does not have the budget for a flight. But guess what? Our Ro-Ro adventure was set on Sunday. Friday prior, we were all roaring to go, but then Saturday came. A text to end all text messages:

"Sori, Bex (meaning me) I (meaning the officemate whom I want to gut) cnt cme nemore. An xtreme family emergency came up. Sori tlga. :( "

Can you say flabbergasted? That was me, that Saturday night. Of all days, he had to cancel a day before the actual trip. Out of sheer panic, I did what I rarely do. I called up my dad and talked to him.

Little Me: "Dad, I'm in a fix. I need a flight to Kalibo by tomorrow. Please help me."
*pauses thinks that my dad would say something along the lines of:
Imagination Dad: "Are you a halfwit? No! I will be curtailing anything that will lead to your happiness...Blah blah blah."
*however what he really said was:
Real Dad: "You should have told me yesterday coz the ticketing office is only open Mondays to Fridays. I'll get you one first thing Monday. I'll take care of everything.

Just like that. And the wounds that had been separating me from my dad closed. Even if its a day behind schedule, technically its the same anyway, because when you ride a RO-RO that leaves Cubao 11pm Sunday night, it arrives on the shores of Caticlan 1 pm the next day.

I was there 12pm Monday.

To be continued...

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