Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cooking + Me = Can Be

Sunday was a day most extraordinary. I had just discovered a hidden talent. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can cook. Real. Good.

And before anyone raises their moustache, let me just say that its a big deal for me because I barely venture into that part of our house that is called the "kitchen" let alone whip something up that is in anyway, edible. I can boil water, yes. Probably even shoot in an instant pancit or two. Other than that, zilch. Or so I thought.

I was given a chance to test out new waters last Sunday. It was my doppelganger's birthday celebration, and we planned a house party for the gang. In my eagerness to set up a kind of party like this, I wasn't able to read the fine print. We (meaning Cris and I) would also have to take care of the fodder to feed the multitutes. A daunting task at that, for Cris' place is humongous with a capital BIG and we were not really sure how many would attend. I'm always up for a challenge.

Our day started at 9 am, I picked her up from the office then we headed to her (slightly)humble abode in Q.C. We changed into pambahay because she was going to take me to my first ever palengke-ing at Muñoz. Na-shock ako sa laki ng palengke sa Muñoz (so shocked, napatagalog na ko). It has everything in dozens. Dozens of fish stalls, vegetable stalls, meat stalls, milled rice stalls. Funny thing about the milled rice stalls, it has all these labels for rice. Pardon my naivete but I've always thought rice is just, well, rice. But the vendors begged to differ. They have (in no particular order): Masarap-Malambot, Malambot-Pino, Masarap-Makatas, Masarap-Makatas...and other imaginable permutations. As for the marketplace, there were so many twists and turns, and so many odd things to see that I swear I could have gotten lost in it, without Cris holding my hand. However, I'm proud of one thing though: I'm a Palengke Virgin no more.

We headed back to her house, prepared everything and had a blast in the process. I fell in love with how everything works. You mix the spices and make sure everything blends right, you measure the ingredients, you cut the pieces in beautiful proportions, you stoke the fire until everything comes out to perfection. Its almost like real life, only you literally eat what you sow.

The party turned out really great. Not only did it opened up a whole new avenue for me to go into, it also created a buzz within my circle. Suddenly everybody wants to have me cook for them in the upcoming events. O.A. nila ha.

But then again, I will be perfecting this craft thats for sure. Maybe then, gagawin ko 'tong career. Now, does anybody know about reasonably priced culinary courses?

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