Friday, April 08, 2005

Can You Hear It?

Dear you,

I'm going out. Make it, I'm going out for a week. I would sorely miss opening you up, accessing your innards and jotting down my meandering thoughts on your fragile frame. But you have to agree, we shouldn't be spending WAY to much time together. You don't want me to get tired of your face, and you likewise, now do you? Believe me. We need this.

Don't worry, I've already packed my bags. Yes, I've brought the rediculously high SPF 70 sunblock (not thats its gonna do me any good, I'll be black as Michael Jackson when I get back. I kid. I kid.), of course I won't forget the highway robbery that is my pair of Havaianas (who was the genius again who made me get this? Its killing my footsies), I've also brought enough apparel for every concievable situation. So many, in fact it would make Mr. Smith cry. Don't forget that we're going all maverick for this, I And bottled water! That would top the list of most non-expendables. Provincial waters has this odd, tangy-like taste. Brr. Am I forgetting anything?

Oh yeah. I've got a whole pack of that. And something else for good measure.

So, I'm off. I'll be back soon, love. Or maybe not.

My soul is yours,

p.s. no I'm not bringing you puka shells or sand in a bottle.
I'll bring you something more special.

+ + +
This site will be despirited for a week. The ringmaster is taking time away from the circus that is Metro Manila. Feel free to browse around. My animals are tame enough not to eat you up. I'll be back...probably when the tide washes me away from the island. Have a good weekend people!

[Music of the Moment: you know that "bilog ang mundo" thing that nobody knows the title of? Ok except you smartypants. ]


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