Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yes I Found Out!

My bet on American Idol, Anthony Fedorov, just sang "I Wanna Know What Love Is"
popularized by the band Foreigner in the early 80's (ok, ok, everybody loves the 80's...'xept for me but hey, I loved his version!).

Come here you! I'll show you! lolz.

p.s. His voice is just amazing.
A manly voice in a boyish package.
It does it for me.
Oh, and try to picture this: a dimple, now imagine
a dimple on the Louie's Angle (touch that
soft spot where your neck meets your
torso. Thanks to Marge for the info). yup, he has
that odd thing about him. Apparently,
its from that operation he underwent
when he was still a wee little boy
like me. *sigh.


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