Friday, March 04, 2005

Week Enders vol.3

This week was crazier than the last. Do I see a pattern here? Escalating moreso to god-knows-what? As I said, I can feel it...Something is in the air.

My sister's Prom is coming in a few weeks. She asked me to be her "sponsor" for her gown, which of course were met by "When I had my Prom, I wore hand-me-downs that were 2 sizes too big for me..." and all that growing up crap, however I finished it with: "Of course, I'd love to. When do we meet the seamstress?"

Not to brag but my sister's Prom Queen material (now of course everybody says that of their relatives, but hey, I'm not kidding when I say it. See this and this. May kasabihan nga: Mana mana lang yan.), brains and beauty in one neat package. I'm gonna make sure she looks the part.

That horrible dream is still hanging in the corner of my mind. Hey, I'm still standing but if you notice an abrupt halt in the posting of entries on this blog...

Countdown to the Holy Week, countdown to summer, countdown to wicked time at the beach! So, have you planned yours? :)

"Thief!" shouted a cracked old voice. "I shall turn your bones to ice and roast you in front of a fire! I shall pluck your eyes out and tie one to a herring and t'other to a seagull, so the twin sights of sea and sky shall take you into madness! I shall make your tongue into a writhing worm and your fingers shall become razors, and fire ants shall itch your skin, so each time you scratch yourself--"

"There is no need to belabor your point," said Tristran to the old woman.

~Stardust, Neil Gaiman

Here's to one heck of a magical weekend, magically granted to you by magical little me!


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