Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Videogames Killed The...Arcade Star?

This is the first time I'm gonna write about it, and most of my friends don't even know about this, but here goes: I'm a videogame junkie.

Yes, fabulous little me, a hardcore gamer. Kinda skewed off the stereotype-normal curve, huh? As for game machines, I have consoles from the Atari, to Sega Genesis, to the Super NES, to the Playstation 1 and finally its latest incarnation (and the god of them all): Playstation 2. I actually have 2 PS2's at home (one gave out due to excessive use, ha! Imagine that!).

When most other people my age were growing up and were just learning to download MP3s illegally, I was learning to play bootlegs of the hottest game to come in town. (Yup, thats the reason why circa 1997-backwards I have little to zilch knowledge on any music genre. Its not because of taste. Just plain disinterest). If you asked me before what Napster is, I might answer you something like its a pillowcase of some sorts. But ask me what GPU, vector, cel-shading, wireframe, particle effect, bump-mapping, ESRB rating... is and I'd give you a professorial lecture (I exaggerate).

Games for me are interactive mindwarps. It takes me to these exotic locales, breath-taking vistas, perilous journeys - without me even spending a dime, breaking a sweat and moving from where I'm seated. Its just my mind that does all the travelling. A perfect answer for those lazy afternoons when I've no cent to spare to go out, no book to read for I've read them all, no TV show to watch because I've seen 'em all.

I've collected so many games, I lost count after 200. I don't have a particular genre as a favorite, I can play them all and whoop the ass of any challenger. Action, Adventure, Action-adventure(yup, its a hybrid), Figthing, Puzzle and the genre I love to get lost in the most: RPG's. Well, maybe I do have one genre I'm not particularly fond of: SPORTS. (now cue: ahs).

Games that I'm trying to finish presently: (yup, they are a bit old, but I like to take them at my own pace. I dislike the feeling when a good game ends.)

Devil May Cry Final Fantasy X-2 Grand Theft Auto:Vice City DBZ3:Budokai Prince Of Persia:Sands of Time

Come on, give it a try. It lulls you. Then it sucks you. Then you can't escape.
Any one up for a challenge? I'll beat your ass from here to Sunday.
Tag me. You know you want to. :)


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