Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Smallest Things...

Could make me cry...

Just 2 nights ago, we celebrated Emily Anne's (Ea for short) 20-something-th birthday party. We made it a surprise, as mushy as that may be, but for people you love mushy is the way to go. The more you love them, the mushier you should be.

Jen, who is her partner for life, arranged everything. Well, almost everything. I of course made the reservations at the venues and made sure that the celebration would be as fun as jumping off a plane at 20,000 feet above the ground, bungy jumping off a towering suspension bridge and surfing tsunami sized waves - all rolled into one.

We had a scrumptious dinner at Giligan's along the restaurant row outside Glorietta 2. Filipino delicacies galore. Although, they do not provide a different take on these dishes, they still have a palate pleasing recipe.

12 people were supposed to come that night, however only 8 made it. 1 guy, 7 girls. (ahem) It was such a kick-ass bash, nevertheless. After a boatload of catching up, we all headed out to I.O. KTV along Jupiter Street in Makati.

If you can't tell by now, I love singing. You would have to pry the microphone off my hands just to make me stop. Its an odd thing though, no matter how excellent the quality of the sound system is at IO, the interface however bogs it down. There are times when the PC controlling the system would mute the melody, thus making you sing acapella. What did we do with it? Instead of the usual bratinello act I would have put up anywhere else, we decided to just create a game out of it. Everytime the music fades, someone covers the screen, and you have to guess the next few lines. Whoever makes the most mistakes in a song orders another round of drinks or food. Kulit no?

Now, after hours upon hours of party songs, upbeat melodies and dance numbers (yes, there were dance numbers). The weak of heart (and vocal chords) were pooped. Ea, Emille, and I took over. We sang duets and what-nots while Jen fell asleep on Ea's lap. A few rounds later, Ea punched in a song and dedicated it to the guapo-est, loveliest girl in the world, Jen.

You know that song which goes, "All my life, without a doubt I give you....
All my life...
Till the day I die, you and I will share...

And as the song was coming to a close: I want this all my life, I want this all my life, I want you all my life..."
Ea was gazing with eyes full of love at the girl on her lap. The girl whom she'd been together with for the past 2 years. The spunky, perky, NYC-bred, beautiful girl on her lap who had been there through everything...death in the family, births, weddings, birthdays...tragedies, celebrations...2 whole years of unwavering commitment..

And she looked at me and said "I want her all my life".

Thats when I felt moist in my eyes. And then tears fell.

-o-o-o-o-o-This post is dedicated to the two of the most beautiful girls I know. Here's to the future. Here's to love. It still exists.Just not for me.Where we are, I wouldn't exchange it for the world.

ps. Mushy, I know. Mighty old me who doesnt even know how to cry.
But as I said above, the more you love people, the mushier the better.


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