Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Showdown Must Go On

Ok, so this is my 3rd post of the day. Theres just way too much thought running through this menagerie that is my head. Animals all caged in, roaring to break loose, some carnivorous, some just little dolts.

On with the show.

Lions and Tigers- I'm still a little bit shaken by that dream I had not so many hours ago. I've had dreams that had imagery as hauntingly vivid as the one I had, but none so far that had words that chilled me through and through. Although I'd always say that if its your time, just smile and take it. At least your smiling when you go, right? The Dream I Dream.

Howler Monkeys and Baboons -There is this person who keeps on getting on my nerves. If this person so much as utter a single word to spite me again, I swear I'm gonna cleave this person's head off...But that was before. No, I'm on a new mantra. Hate, and you want to become that which you hate. Hate, and you BECOME that which you hate. Now its a breeze everytime this person hurls pathetic verbal assaults at me. This person just fails to register on my consciousness and its driving this person nuts.

Angels - What you said yesterday really brightened up my day. I'm happy when I'm with you too, Cris,my girl. Here's to a more late night chit chats at your workstation, more psychoanalysis of the psychos that abound in everywhere we go, and here's to a lifetime of friendship. And as for you, you crazy boy, you. You never fail to lighten up my mood. Like a spring on a hot summer day. As soon as I open my eyes, its your voice I hear, and till the sleeping hours, you're still there. You will always be a special friend. This is for keeps.

Devils -I just noticed that everybody I care for is either down with a terrible headache like my muse, Darkwinter, sniffles like my mom, and a very suspicious neck pain like Paulo (you better have that checked! It could be serious). I hope they get well soon.

Jugglers and Acrobats - Do you believe in divine intervention? Call it what ever you want to but after a whole slew of bills to pay and contributions to the abode, I was left with barely enough cash to last me a week. And that cash is purely for everyday purposes. No gimik funds, no shopping stash, no pig out food trip moolah, no nothing! Then, like a light piercing the darkness...My Performance Bonus kicked in. Yeah, baby! I tumble, I flip, now I soar again!

Ringmaster - and the ringmaster sits at his workstation, quietly tip tapping the keyboards away. Producing a crazy amount of posts for a single day. He is brooding. He feels that something big is coming up. He turned off his celly to drown out the constant buzzing from the other end. Something is coming. He can feel it in his bones.


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