Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Series Of (Very) Fortunate Events

Let me tell you about an eventful day in the life of the Baudelaire orphans...not. Camera, back to moi. Let me begin once more...

It was a wild romping Saturday. I've never been in such a dense cover of "happy" people ever. The day started with the bunch from the other side of the (call center) fence. Kervin, Toshi, John and (*sigh) Mon. I got the vibe that its a dress to impress theme that day, so fortunately I did. (I would have posted pictures but my phone is MMS incapable/technologically-challenged).

We ate at Don Hen then we headed out to our haunt, the ever posh Greenbelt 3. They decided to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (ha! talk about brevity). The movie was very beautiful to look at, but the plot leaves much to be desired. I was expecting more from the movie, however Jim Carrey's performance made it worthwhile. Also I would just like to note that the girl playing Violet Baudelaire is such a striking beauty and such a natural in the craft, I'm betting that she'll be around for quite a long time.

After the movie, Toshi sneaked out to meet his boyfriend Gino (who happens to be commercial-model material..Gawd, the world is so twisted! ha!) and this uber hotness, Fidel - who mysteriously does not register a blip on my Gaydar (which is impossible because it has a 99.25% accuracy rating). While Kervin and John decided to call it a day, since they'd been up since 8am that day. Guess who got left behind? (evil snicker)

As all of our rampages (yup, thats the term) go, we all reconverge once we are done with our "extra-curricular" stuff. The ever beautiful Paulo texted me to drop by Giligan's where they were having their Account TeamBuilding. Macky was there also. I decided, what the heck? I'm gonna crash this party!

When I got there I was hungry like crazy. And as always, I wanted to try something on the menu thats a little bit left of center. One thing caught my eye. Its the Lamb Caldereta. Kakaiba! My take on it? Steer clear off this delicacy. There's nothing wrong with it palate-wise, but if you're very particular about what goes into your gullet, let me warn you: it has this eerily repugnant aroma that somehow resembles a certain state of rotting meat. However, Macky, the culinary expert in the bunch, informed me that Lamb meat has this resilient and characteristic smell which takes a lot of spices to cover up. Thats why most lamb dishes come with garlic. Hmmm...nice to know...

More happy tree friends joined our foray. Alec and Josh texted Paulo that they were having a coffee at Starbucks 6750. The more the merrier. So we all marched on, from Glorietta 2 to 6750. Walking along the hub of the Ayala Malls late at night has a very "soothing" effect, especially in the company of your peeps.

Sayang nga lang, because I was supposed to meet up with 2 fabulous bloggy personalities: Happy and Gay Mr. B. and Boi_Bitch Chris. But they had to attend to pressing matters, hence I just had to resched the meet-up.

The coffee night cap was quite fun. Playing both catch up to old friends and getting to know you to new found ones. Overall, it was a perfect way to end the night...but it did not end there of course. Ako pa? Although some of the guys had to go home, Macky, Paulo and I stayed behind. Paulo was itching to go to a KTV. What do you know? We share the same itch?

Paulo and I had such a blast at Providence (its that KTV near LaSalle -very cheap, very clean, very good). However something unexpected came up. Paulo's current flame called and in a very forward tone asked him to go to The Fort. Like, in a few minutes you-better-be-here tone. Can you say: Demanding?

So as much as we wanted to stay, Paulo asked me to go with him. We headed to that spanking new bar called Embassy at the Fort. The crowd was surprisingly J to the L.O.Gs free. (well, factoring how hard it is just to get to the place itself its no wonder). Paulo's flamey introduced us to this other guy whom he said was his best friend (hmm, do I smell something?). And I just have to say this. Embassy is 80% straight. I mean, most people in the crowd were heterosexually into each other. A sea of beautiful faces, foreigners, and even some celebs, and all straight. Tsk, Tsk.

So heres where the night truly ends. Amidst the throng of wild rompers, a boy danced the night away with a very dear friend and 2 virtual strangers. Did you know that once you let the boy and a dance floor collide, it would take a techno version of Donna Summer's song "The Last Dance" and the bar actually closing, to pry him off the stage?

No? Well now you do.


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