Saturday, March 12, 2005

Post-Event Memos

Paolo Dear,
Thanks for allowing me to drag you out today.
Let me answer your queries:
First, Yes, a 3-hour marathon can not wear my
voice down. I could sing the whole day.
'Till the next day, even.
And second: Yes, I have a range that could
make Whitney Houston breakdown in tears.
Uhm, yeah.


Peppered Fish

Ei Greg,
It was nice meeting you.
So I guess this just means that
there is are so many of you from your
batch that...nevermind. Am
I rambling? Pardon me.
Til next.


Fragrant Wall

Paaaareng Jayzee,
Mabuti naman at lumabas ka. Tignan mo na,
Hindi naman ganun ka "sex starved"
ang mga tao sa Malate tulad ng
kinakatakot mo. Yun nga lang, iba na
talaga ang mabenta. Mabuhay ka! :)

Hanging it out,

Paaareeng Ako

To you Mr. W.,

And of course, I saw you there.
Its ok if you didn't want to share
tables, really. Your little crew
is fine but nothing to write home
about. I'd like to say differently
bout mine.

So now you gloat when you saw
Mr. Abs, your pseudo ex, stringing along
a guy who is so aesthetically-challenged,
you can't help but shudder...and yeah, gloat.

See you around
..when I feel like it.

Yours in good company,

The Epitome of Promis Propriety

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