Thursday, March 03, 2005


I just had a very bad dream last night. I should be freaked out by now, but somehow I feel numb.

I'm in a foyer that somehow, resembles a part of my home and I was walking down the stairs. All of a sudden, with a grip as tight as a vise I felt something grab me, and take control of my body. I couldn't move my hands, my feet, I felt like I was wound up in some cocoon. I felt a very strange presence about me.

Then an incorporeal voice, as cold as ice, came from behind me. I couldn't just pin down if its a woman or a man. It just uttered these words:
"Basta ang alam ko, mamatay ka na."

And then it left me, and like a person near drowning I came up for air. Only to see me back in my room. I woke up.


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