Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Oh, What A Night!


1. Roxy and stage Mom (anxious yet fabulously beautiful) at the steps.
2. We were aiming for a bareback (yes it is), award winning Oscars pose, however, she got distracted by friends.
3. Isn't she lovely? Check out those abs.
4. Roxy and me (see that yellow stomach? thatsssss meee! lolz.) in front of the boom boom room.
5. Roxy and Von, her beau, in front of an insanely huge flower arrangement.
6. Roxy and Advent, the proud kuya slash "wont-let-this-photo-op-moment-pass" camwhore extraordinaire. Birds of the same feather...are the same birds! ha!

I just have to say this...

I love you, sis!


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