Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Holy Week Hypocrisy

I got this from a friend:
INGAT sa Boracay at Puerto Galera, GMA7 s making a story abt "Gomora sa Cuaresma"...they will secretly film the gay scenes in those islands...Just be cautious...whatever you do, do it in private and make sure that no one is watching. Have fun but be vigilant! This info was leaked by a writer friend who works for GMA7.

Makes your blood boil, doesn't it? It doesn't? Well, you might not be sympathetic enough to our team. To us, this screams hypocrisy from the highest levels. I'm not taking any sides really, for me, the Holy Week year by year degrades into something like a commercial venture to promote the resorts and other vacation hotspots. However, th "brilliant" minds at Channel 7 decided to one up that. They will stoop even lower to create an "expose" regarding this "wild and promiscous" lifestyle which the "morally upright" individuals scorn.


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