Thursday, March 17, 2005

Give Me Some Of That Good Loving

And, I'm back.

Things have been somewhat..perky this week that that little ol' pessimistic personality in my head is feeling a bit..treathened. He was last seen curled up somewhere in a dank corner of my mind while the other guys were on the other side, having a Mardi Gras.

I just can't put blogging aside, like a constant itch that needs scratching everyday. A day not put down to paper (or on this case, weblogs) is a day lost to the sands of time and forgetfulness.

Go Forth, and Multiply.

My sis's promenade will be this Saturday. I'm actually more excited than her. What more on her debut? Can you say "stage brother"?

Starry, Starry nightStarry, Starry nightStarry, Starry night

Summer escapade preparations going on an escalating frenzy. Paolo, Cris and I will be raiding DV this Saturday for good finds. Board shorts, funky tees, bikinis for my girl Cris and the whole gamut of other must brings.

Come Swim With Me

Shout out to my Wonderwall who'll be marching down the aisle today. No, not to get hitched, you silly man, (or woman) you. Today marks the day he fulfills all the requirements for his second degree. As much as I want use that ticket you gave me, I'm really sorry but I have work today. Dang it. Manila Hotel pa naman, sayang ang buffet (at shempre pagkain lang ang inisip ko! hehe) But still, bottomline is, there's someone in Makati, who's working his ass off, yet is so proud of you.

The Drums Beat For You


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