Monday, March 07, 2005

Comment of The Week

Once again I present to you: Comment of the Week. Now not every comment would be funny (of course, this is life!). These are actual hearsays from here and there. The last week's comment is between 2 friends of mine. For the sake of anonimity, they will be referred to by their physical attribute below. And no, I'm not any of the boys here, this is not a projection entry. (I always tell, if its me..)

Dark room in a condo somewhere in Quezon City...near ABS-CBN.

(insert steam here)

Guapo Boy 1: Uhm..
Guapo Boy 2: What's wrong?
Guapo Boy 1: (disappointed tone) E, magkasing laki lang pala ang atin..
Guapo Boy 2: {WTF?!?!}

(see steam dissipate here)

~aDvent says: can you say Libido/Moment Killer? Is it always, just about the sex?


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