Monday, March 21, 2005


At some point in your life, you come across doors that open to a whole new stage. These doors open and beckon you to step in, however, most of these do not stay open for very long. Some even open and close in the blink of an eye. The choice is bludgeoned to your face, whether to take the first step, or to linger and choose another portal. Some lead you to a field of paper flowers, while some lead you to quagmires.

My sister, Jazz, had her Graduation 2 days ago. It was pretty uneventful- well, almost. Aside from the fact that I wasn't able to watch the graduation, because I WASN'T allowed to go in, nothing much happened. (end sarcasm, begin rant mode) With all respects to the institution that is St. Scholastica's college (where several aunties of mine graduated), their visitor policies suck rotten Century Eggs. I arrived dressed to the nines, garbed in what is normally considered gimik-friendly. Or, to put it into context, put me in Malate- Queer Capital of the PI- and if my clothes could speak, it would scream "Come get me!". Apparently, little old Ms. PMS who was snobbishly ushering guests, did not approve of my pants. It was a vintage black Buffalo jeans with divinely handsome seams. She insisted that it was sent out in the circulars that the event is purely semi-formal. I respected that, however she just let in 3 senior citizens in jeans without even batting an eyelash. What is this? Age discrimination? I did not let her off without me opening a door - my mouth.

On the other side of the Metro, at the posh New World Rennaisance Hotel in Makati, my second sister, Roxy, is having her Grad Ball (edited, for the past few entries, I've been saying Prom. d'oh). She's stepping out into the dog-eat-pussy, I mean dog - world of college. Of course I made sure that her farewell step from childhood is as memorably fabulous as ever. I hired the services of one of my designer friends (Rajo watch out!) to make her a gown fit for the Oscars (I'm not kidding). I of course, had a lot of say in the design. I wanted to shatter the traditional (read: boring) look that had become synonymous to these events (I'll be posting pix in future entries). She graduated at the top of her class, and her college options looks pretty peachy. Roxy, I'm so proud of you. Here's to your future!

And to cap the weekend, we, as a family, after sooo many months of being 'physically together, emotionally separated' went out again to celebrate this double achievement. We had a scrumptious dinner and I capped it off with a movie at the still unrivaled Greenbelt 3 cinemas (I'm sorry, the Gateway cinema just isn't in the same level for me). There was an almost surreal feel to this night. The war-torn lines between me and my dad and I was blurred, mom and dad were holding each other's hands, me and my sisters were having a good laugh together. I was genuinely enjoying the company of the only people in the world whom my love seeps so profoundly. You see, there are still brief moments when doors open to happiness. I'd rather have brief glimpses of these scattered here and there.

El Mar Del Contento.


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