Thursday, March 17, 2005

Arts Decoratifs

The period termed "art deco" manifested itself roughly between the two world wars, or 1920 to 1939. Many actually stretch this period back to 1900 and even as far as the late 1950's, but work of this time is generally considered to be more of an influence to the Art Deco style, or having been influenced by the style. As with many other art movements, even work of today is still being influenced by the past.

This period of design and style did not just affect architecture, but all of the fine and applied arts as well. Furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry and graphic design were all influenced by the Art Deco style.

The twenties and thirties, known broadly as the 'roaring' twenties and 'dirty' thirties were not relegated to only those terms by which we know them best.

Yes, the twenties were a gay and frivolous time for many, a changing of mores and manners. After all, women got rid of the corsets and started showing their knees and drinking and smoking in public. Quel horreur! They were becoming independent thanks largely to the first world war and industrialization and a small thing, like the right to vote. Someone was needed to work in the factories when the men were off fighting the red menace.

The dirty thirties weren't just famine and the crash of Wall Street, there was more to this decade then the great depression. Their were some wonderful and still stunning buildings constructed, not to mention the picture houses that were erected all over America to enjoy those extravagant Hollywood musicals. There was the advent of transatlantic flight, intercontinental phone-calls, electric dishwashers, automobiles, synthetic materials used for mass production and even television (premiered at the New York's Worlds Fair in 1939).

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I've always been fascinated by this art form. The gaudy, classic, whimsical and nostalgic style that brings waves of sentiments in me. Just couldn't pin down the exact reason. Maybe in my pastlife, I lived in this era. Hmm. A heady thought.

Nevertheless, I'm shooting for this look in the next iteration of my blog layout. Its about time. My current one is getting old, as everything is. The past beckons. And it deserves a reprise.


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