Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Angels Eat Squidballs Too

Test mike. 1, 2, 3...

Now, how do I go about this again? Whoa, its been a while since I last wrote something. At least something more than 2 sentences, that is. If you happen to be visually impaired, perhaps you wouldn't notice a thing. But have a looksy.

This site actually made me cry
I know next to zilch in programming, HTML coding, Java...the list goes on. But over the weekend I decided to take a plunge. It's not really rocket science, but boy, it could make grown up men break down in tears (grown up men, is that an oxymoron I just subconciously coined?). I could probably write a book about this someday and title it something like: When Dummies Go Scripting or Dummies and Z-indexes: A Match Made In Hell. But looking at the output, I'm sure damn amazed at it. A little sweat and a bottomless pit of crazy ideas goes a long way.

What caused the madness?
Blame it on having absolutely nothing to do over the Holy "Week-ends". Instead of playing Little Boy BubbleBrain and just stare all day long at the boob tube while salivating over pixels, I decided to be UN-unproductive. While my sisters were having a field day, bleeding their eyes out over re runs of 7th "Please Kill Me Now With Your Goody-goody Sentiments" Heaven I was busy banging the keyboards (not that kind of banging you pervy you). Yey for me. I fired up my trusty computer and the Photoshop version to eat up all Photoshop versions: Version CS (actually its the 8th iteration, guys at Adobe just thought that "ooh, lets drop the number coz it sounds so much cooler that way"). And the rest, they say is...yeah, you know how this cliche goes.

Black Saturday Blues
I'd never thought this would happen but for the first time in so many months, I was at home, not by choice, but because of debility. More in the line of financial debility. Damn them credit card bills. Damn them cellphone bills. Damn them...uhm, arrgh. DAMN THEM. But it was a welcome change of pace, nevertheless. I actually felt...useful around the household. I fixed the roof, tiled the floors, painted the walls, re-socketed the outlets, mowed the lawn...Did I do any of those? Well not really, but STILL, I felt useful. And besides I was able to catch up on my videogames. I have hands which were - according to many - made by God to be inhumanly soft and silky to the touch, softer than a woman's and jarringly not a rough patch anywhere. And yes, these hands can punch up a storm, kick your ass from here to Sunday in any game (or in real life, whichever you pick). I was able to do some soul searching...Soul Calibur 2 searching that is.

Angels Eat Squidballs Too
April is drawing near and the summer fever is rising. Its two weeks before the beach escapade we had been preparing for, will become reality. This will surely be an event worth writing home about. In the meantime, I'm busying myself with a new addiction - website creation. From the art direction down to the technical aspects, I do it all. And since officially, this is my first post for the new look, I'll be pimping this site like crazy. Art Deco is what everything is all about. Its the recreation of the past and giving it a whole new twist. The menus may appear difficult at first but its pretty elementary, really. And it would be slow at first (I clocked it to load everything in 15 seconds on dial up) but wait 'till your cookies kick in. And if all else fails, the Refresh button is always your friend. So here I go again.

Advent version 2 now officially live.

edit: If anyone wants to join me and my friends for a celebration, drop by Absinthe (Greenbelt 3) tonight. Its P1.00 per drink. You read that right. One freakin peso. You could literally drink till you drop silly.

[Music of the Moment: The Way You Look Tonight - Anthony Federov ]
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