Monday, March 07, 2005

And We're Back

So, how was your weekend? I don't know why but I'm feeling a little giddy. Things are apparently falling into place like neat puzzle pieces. Its not that I've figured everything out already. Its just that when life takes you thru a spin cycle, no matter how rattled, how drenched, how wrung you are: remember that you always come out peachy clean.

For this week, I'd like to do lists.

Weekend Highlights: Friday Night
1. Was supposed to meet Robert;
2. Ended up dating his uber-hot friend Danny.
3. Strike dating above, just one night is enough for me, Thank You.
4. Got a diploma on "Making Out Lasciviously in Public" (Malate is Make Out Friendly)
5. Danny, Danny, Danny. Oh what you do to me
6. Making out while WonderWall was watching;
6. He in turn made out with Robert.
7. I love watching...and being watched :)
8. Night ended with a Big Bang...

Saturday Night
1. Met up with Cris, my Darkwinter.
2. Had a pig out session at Pizza Hut with this (uberly) sexy lady.
3. We both wonder: How come we do not even gain a single pound? She doesnt need it though, but I do.
4. Met up with WonderWall and Queen, his bestfriend in the whole wide world. Next to me of course. HA! :)
5. The four of us had coffee at the very quaint and the very new Starbucks Magallanes.
6. Watched The Aviator
7. Met up with Toshi, Lorrain and Jay-R. Went to Lorrain's posh pad in Marikina. Karaoke 'till we dropped.
8. Magic Sing (that microphone you just plug and sing) is to me,what i-Pod is to most people. A. MUST. HAVE.

1. Met Lorrain's older sis, who has the voice of an angel but has the personality of a fag hag. Very fun.
2. The Gateway Mall in the daytime is a sight to behold. Check out the Cinema.
3. Saw Million Dollar Baby.
4. Dropped by the office to pick up stuff I forgot the other day. Luckily, nobody saw the porn.
5. Bought DVDs at my favorite Pirate's Cove: Makati Cinema Square. I brought so much, its almost a raid.
6. Dead-tired. Went home. Slept like a log. For 15 hours.


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