Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Angels Eat Squidballs Too

Test mike. 1, 2, 3...

Now, how do I go about this again? Whoa, its been a while since I last wrote something. At least something more than 2 sentences, that is. If you happen to be visually impaired, perhaps you wouldn't notice a thing. But have a looksy.

This site actually made me cry
I know next to zilch in programming, HTML coding, Java...the list goes on. But over the weekend I decided to take a plunge. It's not really rocket science, but boy, it could make grown up men break down in tears (grown up men, is that an oxymoron I just subconciously coined?). I could probably write a book about this someday and title it something like: When Dummies Go Scripting or Dummies and Z-indexes: A Match Made In Hell. But looking at the output, I'm sure damn amazed at it. A little sweat and a bottomless pit of crazy ideas goes a long way.

What caused the madness?
Blame it on having absolutely nothing to do over the Holy "Week-ends". Instead of playing Little Boy BubbleBrain and just stare all day long at the boob tube while salivating over pixels, I decided to be UN-unproductive. While my sisters were having a field day, bleeding their eyes out over re runs of 7th "Please Kill Me Now With Your Goody-goody Sentiments" Heaven I was busy banging the keyboards (not that kind of banging you pervy you). Yey for me. I fired up my trusty computer and the Photoshop version to eat up all Photoshop versions: Version CS (actually its the 8th iteration, guys at Adobe just thought that "ooh, lets drop the number coz it sounds so much cooler that way"). And the rest, they say is...yeah, you know how this cliche goes.

Black Saturday Blues
I'd never thought this would happen but for the first time in so many months, I was at home, not by choice, but because of debility. More in the line of financial debility. Damn them credit card bills. Damn them cellphone bills. Damn them...uhm, arrgh. DAMN THEM. But it was a welcome change of pace, nevertheless. I actually felt...useful around the household. I fixed the roof, tiled the floors, painted the walls, re-socketed the outlets, mowed the lawn...Did I do any of those? Well not really, but STILL, I felt useful. And besides I was able to catch up on my videogames. I have hands which were - according to many - made by God to be inhumanly soft and silky to the touch, softer than a woman's and jarringly not a rough patch anywhere. And yes, these hands can punch up a storm, kick your ass from here to Sunday in any game (or in real life, whichever you pick). I was able to do some soul searching...Soul Calibur 2 searching that is.

Angels Eat Squidballs Too
April is drawing near and the summer fever is rising. Its two weeks before the beach escapade we had been preparing for, will become reality. This will surely be an event worth writing home about. In the meantime, I'm busying myself with a new addiction - website creation. From the art direction down to the technical aspects, I do it all. And since officially, this is my first post for the new look, I'll be pimping this site like crazy. Art Deco is what everything is all about. Its the recreation of the past and giving it a whole new twist. The menus may appear difficult at first but its pretty elementary, really. And it would be slow at first (I clocked it to load everything in 15 seconds on dial up) but wait 'till your cookies kick in. And if all else fails, the Refresh button is always your friend. So here I go again.

Advent version 2 now officially live.

edit: If anyone wants to join me and my friends for a celebration, drop by Absinthe (Greenbelt 3) tonight. Its P1.00 per drink. You read that right. One freakin peso. You could literally drink till you drop silly.

[Music of the Moment: The Way You Look Tonight - Anthony Federov ]
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Monday, March 28, 2005


Out with the Old, The Rebirth Comes.

This Site is undergoing Reinvention....
see you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Holy Week Hypocrisy

I got this from a friend:
INGAT sa Boracay at Puerto Galera, GMA7 s making a story abt "Gomora sa Cuaresma"...they will secretly film the gay scenes in those islands...Just be cautious...whatever you do, do it in private and make sure that no one is watching. Have fun but be vigilant! This info was leaked by a writer friend who works for GMA7.

Makes your blood boil, doesn't it? It doesn't? Well, you might not be sympathetic enough to our team. To us, this screams hypocrisy from the highest levels. I'm not taking any sides really, for me, the Holy Week year by year degrades into something like a commercial venture to promote the resorts and other vacation hotspots. However, th "brilliant" minds at Channel 7 decided to one up that. They will stoop even lower to create an "expose" regarding this "wild and promiscous" lifestyle which the "morally upright" individuals scorn.

Tamara Struck Me Down

Self-Portrait, 1925

Tamara de Lempicka(1898-1980)

Lempicka is best known for her Art Deco-styled portraits. Sexy, bedroom-eyed women in stylish dress are rendered in haunting poses. Perhaps it was her own dramatic life mirrored in her art. Married twice to wealthy men, she moved from her native Poland to Russia, and then to Paris. In 1918, she studied painting at the Academe de la Grand Chaumiere, and was privately tutored by Maurice Denis. In 1925 she exhibited her works at the first Art Deco show in Paris. She moved to America in 1939 with her second husband, Baron Raoul Kuffner. Her works appeared exclusively at many galleries and museums, but her artistic output decreased. In 1960 she changed her style to abstract art and began creating works with a spatula. After her husband died in 1962 she ceased painting and moved to Mexico.

Dr. Boucard

Andre Lhote was the inventor of a revised and corrected cubism, a "safe" cubism using "bourgeois" colours, a so-called synthetic cubism which Tamara took up immediately. In other words, it was a question of reconciling the iconography of the Salons (or, shall we say, of the academicians and other hacks) with avant-garde cubist experiments of Braque, Juan Gris, or Picasso. In short, to place a variety of cubism (one had to move with the times, after all) at the service of the bourgeoisie, albeit an attenuated cubism, acceptable on the walls of a respectable household, and unlikely to frighten away the visitors. On the one hand, Lhote was of the opinion that what the impressionists had built up on pure colour must now be transferred to the level of form-n. On the other hand, the only thing that interested him about cubism was its rational, constructive aspect, which, in his opinion, allowed the phenomena of the natural world to be preserved in a painting, and the forms of objects to be left intact, a human body, for example, being an object like any other.

Adam & Eve

This was what he called the "plastic metaphor", a metaphor which Tamara used time and again in her artistic output: in her harems populated by provocative idiots; in her nudes, which are also allegories of lasciviousness; or in her portraits characterized by the haughty expression typical of a certain caste. Of course the negative side of this procedure is that cases left with nothing more than the most superficial aspects of cubism as originally conceived. There is a penalty to be paid when one reduces the figures to the lowest common colour denominator just in order to satisfy the requirements of plasticity. This is to confuse academism with simplification of the picture. One could say that Andre Lhote confused cubism with geometrism without realizing that cubism implies a total questioning of the pictorial system created by the Renaissance.


I'm in love with her style. If I could make her live again, bring her back to this world, breathe life into those skillful hands, I'd pay anything she asks, to have her paint me in her metaphorical art.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Oh, What A Night!


1. Roxy and stage Mom (anxious yet fabulously beautiful) at the steps.
2. We were aiming for a bareback (yes it is), award winning Oscars pose, however, she got distracted by friends.
3. Isn't she lovely? Check out those abs.
4. Roxy and me (see that yellow stomach? thatsssss meee! lolz.) in front of the boom boom room.
5. Roxy and Von, her beau, in front of an insanely huge flower arrangement.
6. Roxy and Advent, the proud kuya slash "wont-let-this-photo-op-moment-pass" camwhore extraordinaire. Birds of the same feather...are the same birds! ha!

I just have to say this...

I love you, sis!

Monday, March 21, 2005


At some point in your life, you come across doors that open to a whole new stage. These doors open and beckon you to step in, however, most of these do not stay open for very long. Some even open and close in the blink of an eye. The choice is bludgeoned to your face, whether to take the first step, or to linger and choose another portal. Some lead you to a field of paper flowers, while some lead you to quagmires.

My sister, Jazz, had her Graduation 2 days ago. It was pretty uneventful- well, almost. Aside from the fact that I wasn't able to watch the graduation, because I WASN'T allowed to go in, nothing much happened. (end sarcasm, begin rant mode) With all respects to the institution that is St. Scholastica's college (where several aunties of mine graduated), their visitor policies suck rotten Century Eggs. I arrived dressed to the nines, garbed in what is normally considered gimik-friendly. Or, to put it into context, put me in Malate- Queer Capital of the PI- and if my clothes could speak, it would scream "Come get me!". Apparently, little old Ms. PMS who was snobbishly ushering guests, did not approve of my pants. It was a vintage black Buffalo jeans with divinely handsome seams. She insisted that it was sent out in the circulars that the event is purely semi-formal. I respected that, however she just let in 3 senior citizens in jeans without even batting an eyelash. What is this? Age discrimination? I did not let her off without me opening a door - my mouth.

On the other side of the Metro, at the posh New World Rennaisance Hotel in Makati, my second sister, Roxy, is having her Grad Ball (edited, for the past few entries, I've been saying Prom. d'oh). She's stepping out into the dog-eat-pussy, I mean dog - world of college. Of course I made sure that her farewell step from childhood is as memorably fabulous as ever. I hired the services of one of my designer friends (Rajo watch out!) to make her a gown fit for the Oscars (I'm not kidding). I of course, had a lot of say in the design. I wanted to shatter the traditional (read: boring) look that had become synonymous to these events (I'll be posting pix in future entries). She graduated at the top of her class, and her college options looks pretty peachy. Roxy, I'm so proud of you. Here's to your future!

And to cap the weekend, we, as a family, after sooo many months of being 'physically together, emotionally separated' went out again to celebrate this double achievement. We had a scrumptious dinner and I capped it off with a movie at the still unrivaled Greenbelt 3 cinemas (I'm sorry, the Gateway cinema just isn't in the same level for me). There was an almost surreal feel to this night. The war-torn lines between me and my dad and I was blurred, mom and dad were holding each other's hands, me and my sisters were having a good laugh together. I was genuinely enjoying the company of the only people in the world whom my love seeps so profoundly. You see, there are still brief moments when doors open to happiness. I'd rather have brief glimpses of these scattered here and there.

El Mar Del Contento.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Week Enders vol.5

Jack Benny said "I don't deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either".
I don't deserve all this love, but heck, I'm not complaining. Oh, and I'm thankful.

Oprah Winfrey said "You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once".
What if the case is you are having it all at once? Does it mean that inevitably, you won't have anything at all?

Walt Disney said "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
Sabi nga ni Cris "Only the impossible, can do the impossible". Isa syang imposibleng nilalang. I mean that in the most positive sense of the word. And like minds explode in revelry. (How many times did the word 'impossible' appear in this sentence? Can it be more overused? imposible!!)

Sigmund Frued wrote "Anatomy is destiny."
Yet why are most people yearning for a destiny that is not theirs?

T.S. Elliot said "Most of the trouble in the world is caused by peoplewanting to be important."
Amen to that. You know who you are. Just stop it. Its getting on everyone's nerves already. Not on mine though. Hating you, or hating in general is not in my vocabulary.

"Yearning may lead to unhappiness. A wise person knows when to stop searching." -SEVEN NIGHTS IN SLUMBERLAND George Alec Effinger

Advent blogged: "Its not how famous or how significant you've become to others. Its how significant you've have become to yourself."
Have yourself a vindicating weekend! You, you and you.

Fedorov Complex

We live in the age when primitive gods who can rain fiery rock from the high heavens had been replaced by celluloid, living, breathing, gyrating..pop stars.

..Patheons of Immortals had been replaced by the contestants in reality shows.
..Bolts of lightning and feats and miracles had been replaced by Music Videos and Special Effects.
..The fates who rule destiny had been replaced by a panel of judges.
..Tributes like animal, even human sacrifices had been replaced by placing votes thru phone/texting.

I found my demi god.

He WILL marry me, eventually.

Pardon me if you are bothered by this new religion.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Arts Decoratifs

The period termed "art deco" manifested itself roughly between the two world wars, or 1920 to 1939. Many actually stretch this period back to 1900 and even as far as the late 1950's, but work of this time is generally considered to be more of an influence to the Art Deco style, or having been influenced by the style. As with many other art movements, even work of today is still being influenced by the past.

This period of design and style did not just affect architecture, but all of the fine and applied arts as well. Furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry and graphic design were all influenced by the Art Deco style.

The twenties and thirties, known broadly as the 'roaring' twenties and 'dirty' thirties were not relegated to only those terms by which we know them best.

Yes, the twenties were a gay and frivolous time for many, a changing of mores and manners. After all, women got rid of the corsets and started showing their knees and drinking and smoking in public. Quel horreur! They were becoming independent thanks largely to the first world war and industrialization and a small thing, like the right to vote. Someone was needed to work in the factories when the men were off fighting the red menace.

The dirty thirties weren't just famine and the crash of Wall Street, there was more to this decade then the great depression. Their were some wonderful and still stunning buildings constructed, not to mention the picture houses that were erected all over America to enjoy those extravagant Hollywood musicals. There was the advent of transatlantic flight, intercontinental phone-calls, electric dishwashers, automobiles, synthetic materials used for mass production and even television (premiered at the New York's Worlds Fair in 1939).

link here

I've always been fascinated by this art form. The gaudy, classic, whimsical and nostalgic style that brings waves of sentiments in me. Just couldn't pin down the exact reason. Maybe in my pastlife, I lived in this era. Hmm. A heady thought.

Nevertheless, I'm shooting for this look in the next iteration of my blog layout. Its about time. My current one is getting old, as everything is. The past beckons. And it deserves a reprise.

Give Me Some Of That Good Loving

And, I'm back.

Things have been somewhat..perky this week that that little ol' pessimistic personality in my head is feeling a bit..treathened. He was last seen curled up somewhere in a dank corner of my mind while the other guys were on the other side, having a Mardi Gras.

I just can't put blogging aside, like a constant itch that needs scratching everyday. A day not put down to paper (or on this case, weblogs) is a day lost to the sands of time and forgetfulness.

Go Forth, and Multiply.

My sis's promenade will be this Saturday. I'm actually more excited than her. What more on her debut? Can you say "stage brother"?

Starry, Starry nightStarry, Starry nightStarry, Starry night

Summer escapade preparations going on an escalating frenzy. Paolo, Cris and I will be raiding DV this Saturday for good finds. Board shorts, funky tees, bikinis for my girl Cris and the whole gamut of other must brings.

Come Swim With Me

Shout out to my Wonderwall who'll be marching down the aisle today. No, not to get hitched, you silly man, (or woman) you. Today marks the day he fulfills all the requirements for his second degree. As much as I want use that ticket you gave me, I'm really sorry but I have work today. Dang it. Manila Hotel pa naman, sayang ang buffet (at shempre pagkain lang ang inisip ko! hehe) But still, bottomline is, there's someone in Makati, who's working his ass off, yet is so proud of you.

The Drums Beat For You

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Stiff Neck

There used to be a time when going out with my family meant a whole lot to me. I would be very excited about the day, pick my very best clothes, throw all my anxieties to the wind, and just feel real good about going out with them.

But it seems everything had changed.

I miss the old days.


I'm taking a respite from blogging. Just for a short while though. Three days at most. Too many things to write about, too little time left from other pressing matters.

I will be back, my beloved.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Tomorrow, It Lives Again

Like a half-deranged man who miraculously crossed the biting sands of the Sagobi or the Gohara*, scathed with needles, vultures and rocks; past mirages and the ubiquitous-yet-never-really-there watering holes; after countless excursions that had made all the remaining liquid dissipate from his ailing body and now he's left gasping for the moisture in the air - if there's any at all; after seeing sirens and being lulled by thier murderous arias; after falling into bottomless pits, only to find that they actually do have an end;

He sees foliage.
Its the rainforest once more.

-Ode to my wallet

*so intense, its a hybrid of both

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Week Enders vol.4

How appropriate. This week started with a list and it will end with one.

I've filed 2 Paid Time Off's this week. Ea's Birthday, and one which will be better left unwritten. A pending Tagaytay overnight and Pangasinan 2 weeks from now, for Darwinter's birthday. Then there's that little escapade (Boracay) next month with Wonderwall, which will span a whole week (see future entries)...Good luck with my Paid Leaves. I'm breaking a record, last year, by July I've zeroed it out. Now, its just 3 months into the year and I've halved it already...

I've got a semi official request to create a website. Two actually, the other just not that significant...Little old self taught me. I'm a (little) bit excited about it. Note to self, "Don't strive to overimpress".

I have a budding crush. And alas, this would be the undoing of my proud stance on my sexual preference. Yup. A fair maiden. And for all that is holy, I would not disclose the identity of the hapless victim. Why, why, why me?

In a few days, the PSP (Playstation Portable) will be released. Gawd, I so want this. The ultimate i-Pod killer. It has everything in it, except the clog in the kitchen sink.

We need gods -- Thor or Zeus or Krishna or Jesus or, well, God -- not so much to worship or sacrifice to, but because they satisfy our need -- distinctive from that of all the other animals -- to imagine a meaning, a sense to our lives, to satisfy our hunger to believe that the muck and chaos of daily existence does, after all, tend somewhere. It's the origin of religion, and also of storytelling -- or aren't they both the same thing? As Voltaire said of God: if he did not exist, it would have been necessary to invent him -Book of Dreams Neil Gaiman

You may seek, or you may hold on to truths you fabricated, surreal worlds abound. Whatever it may be, have a spectacular weekend, everyone.

Post-Event Memos

Paolo Dear,
Thanks for allowing me to drag you out today.
Let me answer your queries:
First, Yes, a 3-hour marathon can not wear my
voice down. I could sing the whole day.
'Till the next day, even.
And second: Yes, I have a range that could
make Whitney Houston breakdown in tears.
Uhm, yeah.


Peppered Fish

Ei Greg,
It was nice meeting you.
So I guess this just means that
there is are so many of you from your
batch that...nevermind. Am
I rambling? Pardon me.
Til next.


Fragrant Wall

Paaaareng Jayzee,
Mabuti naman at lumabas ka. Tignan mo na,
Hindi naman ganun ka "sex starved"
ang mga tao sa Malate tulad ng
kinakatakot mo. Yun nga lang, iba na
talaga ang mabenta. Mabuhay ka! :)

Hanging it out,

Paaareeng Ako

To you Mr. W.,

And of course, I saw you there.
Its ok if you didn't want to share
tables, really. Your little crew
is fine but nothing to write home
about. I'd like to say differently
bout mine.

So now you gloat when you saw
Mr. Abs, your pseudo ex, stringing along
a guy who is so aesthetically-challenged,
you can't help but shudder...and yeah, gloat.

See you around
..when I feel like it.

Yours in good company,

The Epitome of Promis Propriety

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Smallest Things...

Could make me cry...

Just 2 nights ago, we celebrated Emily Anne's (Ea for short) 20-something-th birthday party. We made it a surprise, as mushy as that may be, but for people you love mushy is the way to go. The more you love them, the mushier you should be.

Jen, who is her partner for life, arranged everything. Well, almost everything. I of course made the reservations at the venues and made sure that the celebration would be as fun as jumping off a plane at 20,000 feet above the ground, bungy jumping off a towering suspension bridge and surfing tsunami sized waves - all rolled into one.

We had a scrumptious dinner at Giligan's along the restaurant row outside Glorietta 2. Filipino delicacies galore. Although, they do not provide a different take on these dishes, they still have a palate pleasing recipe.

12 people were supposed to come that night, however only 8 made it. 1 guy, 7 girls. (ahem) It was such a kick-ass bash, nevertheless. After a boatload of catching up, we all headed out to I.O. KTV along Jupiter Street in Makati.

If you can't tell by now, I love singing. You would have to pry the microphone off my hands just to make me stop. Its an odd thing though, no matter how excellent the quality of the sound system is at IO, the interface however bogs it down. There are times when the PC controlling the system would mute the melody, thus making you sing acapella. What did we do with it? Instead of the usual bratinello act I would have put up anywhere else, we decided to just create a game out of it. Everytime the music fades, someone covers the screen, and you have to guess the next few lines. Whoever makes the most mistakes in a song orders another round of drinks or food. Kulit no?

Now, after hours upon hours of party songs, upbeat melodies and dance numbers (yes, there were dance numbers). The weak of heart (and vocal chords) were pooped. Ea, Emille, and I took over. We sang duets and what-nots while Jen fell asleep on Ea's lap. A few rounds later, Ea punched in a song and dedicated it to the guapo-est, loveliest girl in the world, Jen.

You know that song which goes, "All my life, without a doubt I give you....
All my life...
Till the day I die, you and I will share...

And as the song was coming to a close: I want this all my life, I want this all my life, I want you all my life..."
Ea was gazing with eyes full of love at the girl on her lap. The girl whom she'd been together with for the past 2 years. The spunky, perky, NYC-bred, beautiful girl on her lap who had been there through everything...death in the family, births, weddings, birthdays...tragedies, celebrations...2 whole years of unwavering commitment..

And she looked at me and said "I want her all my life".

Thats when I felt moist in my eyes. And then tears fell.

-o-o-o-o-o-This post is dedicated to the two of the most beautiful girls I know. Here's to the future. Here's to love. It still exists.Just not for me.Where we are, I wouldn't exchange it for the world.

ps. Mushy, I know. Mighty old me who doesnt even know how to cry.
But as I said above, the more you love people, the mushier the better.

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Blue Is The Color Of The Sun

I'm wearing my favorite blue shirt to the office. Thats what I love about my company, its come as you are. When everyone coming in to the posh lobby of Phil-Am Building in their ultra stiffened business attires, I come to work in an acid washed sweater layered underneath a semi body fit t-shirt, torn pants for a breezier approach and sneakers. I just can't help but smile in elevators when I chance upon tenants from the other floors. For the boys, you could almost taste the starch in their long sleeves and slacks. As for the girls, you could run smack into a thick wall that is their make-up.

Wardrobe democracy rules.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Walls of Jericho

What do you do when you have just come out of a battle and won it?
A battle that had almost shook your very core,
Gave you a lot of anxieties,
Of pseudo-vexations, and sleepless dawns?
When it was over, you came out scathed, yet victorious.
Do you hide behind the glory?
Do you sheath your sword and lay away your breastplate?
Do you curtail the birth of a smile?
Let me ask you this, do you believe that trumpets can topple fortifications?
A beautiful mind wins over a beautiful face.

A smile is berthed.

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At Night, I Learn to Define

Hear Ye, Hear Ye
Thespians on the stage play called Life.
A partner does not complete your act.
You paint on faces,
Yet you forgot to paint your heart.
Bleed not for words.
Little drops of crimson, copious streams of black.
The game may span an entire lifetime,
Or a blink of an eye
yet you never truly win it.
You got caught up in the quagmire of self-delusions.
The question is, when do you choose to wake up?

I have ceased trying.

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Out On A Weekday

The only time these pages wont have an update would be one of the following:

1. I'm out, gallivanting.
2. Its a weekend.
3. I've been whisked away by beings from another planet to be used as laboratory specimen OR to take me to their planet and designate me Supreme Ruler for all eternity...that or I'm 6 feet below the ground, whichever comes first.

So my excuse for yesterday?
Can you take a guess?

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Comment of The Week

Once again I present to you: Comment of the Week. Now not every comment would be funny (of course, this is life!). These are actual hearsays from here and there. The last week's comment is between 2 friends of mine. For the sake of anonimity, they will be referred to by their physical attribute below. And no, I'm not any of the boys here, this is not a projection entry. (I always tell, if its me..)

Dark room in a condo somewhere in Quezon City...near ABS-CBN.

(insert steam here)

Guapo Boy 1: Uhm..
Guapo Boy 2: What's wrong?
Guapo Boy 1: (disappointed tone) E, magkasing laki lang pala ang atin..
Guapo Boy 2: {WTF?!?!}

(see steam dissipate here)

~aDvent says: can you say Libido/Moment Killer? Is it always, just about the sex?

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And We're Back

So, how was your weekend? I don't know why but I'm feeling a little giddy. Things are apparently falling into place like neat puzzle pieces. Its not that I've figured everything out already. Its just that when life takes you thru a spin cycle, no matter how rattled, how drenched, how wrung you are: remember that you always come out peachy clean.

For this week, I'd like to do lists.

Weekend Highlights: Friday Night
1. Was supposed to meet Robert;
2. Ended up dating his uber-hot friend Danny.
3. Strike dating above, just one night is enough for me, Thank You.
4. Got a diploma on "Making Out Lasciviously in Public" (Malate is Make Out Friendly)
5. Danny, Danny, Danny. Oh what you do to me
6. Making out while WonderWall was watching;
6. He in turn made out with Robert.
7. I love watching...and being watched :)
8. Night ended with a Big Bang...

Saturday Night
1. Met up with Cris, my Darkwinter.
2. Had a pig out session at Pizza Hut with this (uberly) sexy lady.
3. We both wonder: How come we do not even gain a single pound? She doesnt need it though, but I do.
4. Met up with WonderWall and Queen, his bestfriend in the whole wide world. Next to me of course. HA! :)
5. The four of us had coffee at the very quaint and the very new Starbucks Magallanes.
6. Watched The Aviator
7. Met up with Toshi, Lorrain and Jay-R. Went to Lorrain's posh pad in Marikina. Karaoke 'till we dropped.
8. Magic Sing (that microphone you just plug and sing) is to me,what i-Pod is to most people. A. MUST. HAVE.

1. Met Lorrain's older sis, who has the voice of an angel but has the personality of a fag hag. Very fun.
2. The Gateway Mall in the daytime is a sight to behold. Check out the Cinema.
3. Saw Million Dollar Baby.
4. Dropped by the office to pick up stuff I forgot the other day. Luckily, nobody saw the porn.
5. Bought DVDs at my favorite Pirate's Cove: Makati Cinema Square. I brought so much, its almost a raid.
6. Dead-tired. Went home. Slept like a log. For 15 hours.

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Friday, March 04, 2005

Week Enders vol.3

This week was crazier than the last. Do I see a pattern here? Escalating moreso to god-knows-what? As I said, I can feel it...Something is in the air.

My sister's Prom is coming in a few weeks. She asked me to be her "sponsor" for her gown, which of course were met by "When I had my Prom, I wore hand-me-downs that were 2 sizes too big for me..." and all that growing up crap, however I finished it with: "Of course, I'd love to. When do we meet the seamstress?"

Not to brag but my sister's Prom Queen material (now of course everybody says that of their relatives, but hey, I'm not kidding when I say it. See this and this. May kasabihan nga: Mana mana lang yan.), brains and beauty in one neat package. I'm gonna make sure she looks the part.

That horrible dream is still hanging in the corner of my mind. Hey, I'm still standing but if you notice an abrupt halt in the posting of entries on this blog...

Countdown to the Holy Week, countdown to summer, countdown to wicked time at the beach! So, have you planned yours? :)

"Thief!" shouted a cracked old voice. "I shall turn your bones to ice and roast you in front of a fire! I shall pluck your eyes out and tie one to a herring and t'other to a seagull, so the twin sights of sea and sky shall take you into madness! I shall make your tongue into a writhing worm and your fingers shall become razors, and fire ants shall itch your skin, so each time you scratch yourself--"

"There is no need to belabor your point," said Tristran to the old woman.

~Stardust, Neil Gaiman

Here's to one heck of a magical weekend, magically granted to you by magical little me!

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PS Scandal?

I'd never thought I'd see this, this act done in front of me.

...By a complete stranger (who happened to be a beautiful one, at that).

...In the office sleeping room (of all places).

...And I, being a mere observer, ask:
Why was I (slightly) aroused?
(I'll tell you why, because it was so freakin' hot!)

Times like this make me wish I had an MMS capable phone.

Words. They escape. Damn.

Let me just qoute Jose Nunez on this:

The only aphrodesiac I need is Your voice
Hearing You speak my name
Beckoning me to answer
Telling me You want me

So I tell You that You're the answer
To every question I've ever had about love
Without words, I use my tongue
To tell the tale of "us"

Tracing Your shadowscape
Kneeling before You
My eyes feast upon Your masculinity
In all It's divinity
And I praise You
Because all of That is for me

I begin to indulge myself of Your delicacies
Digesting semi-sweet dark-chocolate decadence
As it melts
Dripping down my chin
Your taste is something Godiva couldn't recreate

Needing every atom of Your anatomy
Necessity is placed upon me
Knowing You're the source of my serendipity
Dipping in and out of me
Stroking more than my conciousness

Subconciously, I find myself rewinding
Our love-scenes in my day-dreams
Seeing that face You make
When You're making me cum
And it makes me want You
Right there and then

Thinking of You in inappropriate places
I get tingling sensations
In private locations
Where I wish to be caught
Between a rock and Your hard place

As wetness develops my legs begin to open
And my spot turns to a back-draft
And all I want You to do
Is extinguish it

You know my body like the back of Your hands
That touch me and send me into e
My thighs quiver in anticipation
Of deep penetration
Which gets me high

Body rising
Sweating, panting
Makeup melting
Pulling my hair and
Scratching my back

I get a temporary case of Tourette's
Because all I can say
Are four-letter words
In a four-octave range

Screaming Your name

(insert spanish here)

You fucking me makes me bilingual
You fucking me makes me bilingual
You fucking me makes me bilingual
You fucking me makes me bilingual

I see Your tongue pink between Your lips
And I want it between mine
And I struggle
As You lick
Torturing me

I try to get away but
Not really

Running out of room
Begging for more
Up against the wall
That has been scuffed
By my stilettos

And You pry apart my thighs
And tell me to be still
And I willing submit to You
Because I love the way
You dominate me

Demanding that I cum for You
So I do as I'm told
You've molded me so
I'm good to no one else
But You

You conquered this once
Orgasmic-less world
And multiplied it
Again and again

And my face radiates with after-glow
My pillows scented by You
A fragrance that haunts me

My room smells of the best sex
I, covered in body prints
And finger prints
And You above me

Your name written indelibly
Upon my body
And Your genetic history

You fucking me makes me bilingual
You fucking me makes me bilingual
You fucking me makes me bilingual
You fucking me makes me bilingual

....I see you.

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Needles = Evil

I have this unnatural fear of needles. And it manifests at least once a year, on the company's Physical Examination Day. I just had mine a while ago, and I tell you, it was downright nasty.

The Doctor had to have her Med Tech restrain my arm because it has this natural impulse to avoid going under the needle. It flies away without me controlling it. I'm not even looking so I don't know when the needle is actually there.

"You'll injure yourself if you keep on doing that." said the lady Doctor as patiently as possible.

"It's not me. It has its own mind."

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Showdown Must Go On

Ok, so this is my 3rd post of the day. Theres just way too much thought running through this menagerie that is my head. Animals all caged in, roaring to break loose, some carnivorous, some just little dolts.

On with the show.

Lions and Tigers- I'm still a little bit shaken by that dream I had not so many hours ago. I've had dreams that had imagery as hauntingly vivid as the one I had, but none so far that had words that chilled me through and through. Although I'd always say that if its your time, just smile and take it. At least your smiling when you go, right? The Dream I Dream.

Howler Monkeys and Baboons -There is this person who keeps on getting on my nerves. If this person so much as utter a single word to spite me again, I swear I'm gonna cleave this person's head off...But that was before. No, I'm on a new mantra. Hate, and you want to become that which you hate. Hate, and you BECOME that which you hate. Now its a breeze everytime this person hurls pathetic verbal assaults at me. This person just fails to register on my consciousness and its driving this person nuts.

Angels - What you said yesterday really brightened up my day. I'm happy when I'm with you too, Cris,my girl. Here's to a more late night chit chats at your workstation, more psychoanalysis of the psychos that abound in everywhere we go, and here's to a lifetime of friendship. And as for you, you crazy boy, you. You never fail to lighten up my mood. Like a spring on a hot summer day. As soon as I open my eyes, its your voice I hear, and till the sleeping hours, you're still there. You will always be a special friend. This is for keeps.

Devils -I just noticed that everybody I care for is either down with a terrible headache like my muse, Darkwinter, sniffles like my mom, and a very suspicious neck pain like Paulo (you better have that checked! It could be serious). I hope they get well soon.

Jugglers and Acrobats - Do you believe in divine intervention? Call it what ever you want to but after a whole slew of bills to pay and contributions to the abode, I was left with barely enough cash to last me a week. And that cash is purely for everyday purposes. No gimik funds, no shopping stash, no pig out food trip moolah, no nothing! Then, like a light piercing the darkness...My Performance Bonus kicked in. Yeah, baby! I tumble, I flip, now I soar again!

Ringmaster - and the ringmaster sits at his workstation, quietly tip tapping the keyboards away. Producing a crazy amount of posts for a single day. He is brooding. He feels that something big is coming up. He turned off his celly to drown out the constant buzzing from the other end. Something is coming. He can feel it in his bones.

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Mythos At Work

One Hamadryad, nymph of the trees and earth,
Whom we shall call Byblis,
Decided to take a hitch on Apollo's chariot
By stringing together a song
From her ill conceived pseudo-quandaries.

Rapturous song to her ears.
Discordant to mine.
And she knows that muse can pierce the veil.
Be ever so wary, Calliope.

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I just had a very bad dream last night. I should be freaked out by now, but somehow I feel numb.

I'm in a foyer that somehow, resembles a part of my home and I was walking down the stairs. All of a sudden, with a grip as tight as a vise I felt something grab me, and take control of my body. I couldn't move my hands, my feet, I felt like I was wound up in some cocoon. I felt a very strange presence about me.

Then an incorporeal voice, as cold as ice, came from behind me. I couldn't just pin down if its a woman or a man. It just uttered these words:
"Basta ang alam ko, mamatay ka na."

And then it left me, and like a person near drowning I came up for air. Only to see me back in my room. I woke up.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yes I Found Out!

My bet on American Idol, Anthony Fedorov, just sang "I Wanna Know What Love Is"
popularized by the band Foreigner in the early 80's (ok, ok, everybody loves the 80's...'xept for me but hey, I loved his version!).

Come here you! I'll show you! lolz.

p.s. His voice is just amazing.
A manly voice in a boyish package.
It does it for me.
Oh, and try to picture this: a dimple, now imagine
a dimple on the Louie's Angle (touch that
soft spot where your neck meets your
torso. Thanks to Marge for the info). yup, he has
that odd thing about him. Apparently,
its from that operation he underwent
when he was still a wee little boy
like me. *sigh.

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A Series Of (Very) Fortunate Events

Let me tell you about an eventful day in the life of the Baudelaire orphans...not. Camera, back to moi. Let me begin once more...

It was a wild romping Saturday. I've never been in such a dense cover of "happy" people ever. The day started with the bunch from the other side of the (call center) fence. Kervin, Toshi, John and (*sigh) Mon. I got the vibe that its a dress to impress theme that day, so fortunately I did. (I would have posted pictures but my phone is MMS incapable/technologically-challenged).

We ate at Don Hen then we headed out to our haunt, the ever posh Greenbelt 3. They decided to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (ha! talk about brevity). The movie was very beautiful to look at, but the plot leaves much to be desired. I was expecting more from the movie, however Jim Carrey's performance made it worthwhile. Also I would just like to note that the girl playing Violet Baudelaire is such a striking beauty and such a natural in the craft, I'm betting that she'll be around for quite a long time.

After the movie, Toshi sneaked out to meet his boyfriend Gino (who happens to be commercial-model material..Gawd, the world is so twisted! ha!) and this uber hotness, Fidel - who mysteriously does not register a blip on my Gaydar (which is impossible because it has a 99.25% accuracy rating). While Kervin and John decided to call it a day, since they'd been up since 8am that day. Guess who got left behind? (evil snicker)

As all of our rampages (yup, thats the term) go, we all reconverge once we are done with our "extra-curricular" stuff. The ever beautiful Paulo texted me to drop by Giligan's where they were having their Account TeamBuilding. Macky was there also. I decided, what the heck? I'm gonna crash this party!

When I got there I was hungry like crazy. And as always, I wanted to try something on the menu thats a little bit left of center. One thing caught my eye. Its the Lamb Caldereta. Kakaiba! My take on it? Steer clear off this delicacy. There's nothing wrong with it palate-wise, but if you're very particular about what goes into your gullet, let me warn you: it has this eerily repugnant aroma that somehow resembles a certain state of rotting meat. However, Macky, the culinary expert in the bunch, informed me that Lamb meat has this resilient and characteristic smell which takes a lot of spices to cover up. Thats why most lamb dishes come with garlic. Hmmm...nice to know...

More happy tree friends joined our foray. Alec and Josh texted Paulo that they were having a coffee at Starbucks 6750. The more the merrier. So we all marched on, from Glorietta 2 to 6750. Walking along the hub of the Ayala Malls late at night has a very "soothing" effect, especially in the company of your peeps.

Sayang nga lang, because I was supposed to meet up with 2 fabulous bloggy personalities: Happy and Gay Mr. B. and Boi_Bitch Chris. But they had to attend to pressing matters, hence I just had to resched the meet-up.

The coffee night cap was quite fun. Playing both catch up to old friends and getting to know you to new found ones. Overall, it was a perfect way to end the night...but it did not end there of course. Ako pa? Although some of the guys had to go home, Macky, Paulo and I stayed behind. Paulo was itching to go to a KTV. What do you know? We share the same itch?

Paulo and I had such a blast at Providence (its that KTV near LaSalle -very cheap, very clean, very good). However something unexpected came up. Paulo's current flame called and in a very forward tone asked him to go to The Fort. Like, in a few minutes you-better-be-here tone. Can you say: Demanding?

So as much as we wanted to stay, Paulo asked me to go with him. We headed to that spanking new bar called Embassy at the Fort. The crowd was surprisingly J to the L.O.Gs free. (well, factoring how hard it is just to get to the place itself its no wonder). Paulo's flamey introduced us to this other guy whom he said was his best friend (hmm, do I smell something?). And I just have to say this. Embassy is 80% straight. I mean, most people in the crowd were heterosexually into each other. A sea of beautiful faces, foreigners, and even some celebs, and all straight. Tsk, Tsk.

So heres where the night truly ends. Amidst the throng of wild rompers, a boy danced the night away with a very dear friend and 2 virtual strangers. Did you know that once you let the boy and a dance floor collide, it would take a techno version of Donna Summer's song "The Last Dance" and the bar actually closing, to pry him off the stage?

No? Well now you do.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Videogames Killed The...Arcade Star?

This is the first time I'm gonna write about it, and most of my friends don't even know about this, but here goes: I'm a videogame junkie.

Yes, fabulous little me, a hardcore gamer. Kinda skewed off the stereotype-normal curve, huh? As for game machines, I have consoles from the Atari, to Sega Genesis, to the Super NES, to the Playstation 1 and finally its latest incarnation (and the god of them all): Playstation 2. I actually have 2 PS2's at home (one gave out due to excessive use, ha! Imagine that!).

When most other people my age were growing up and were just learning to download MP3s illegally, I was learning to play bootlegs of the hottest game to come in town. (Yup, thats the reason why circa 1997-backwards I have little to zilch knowledge on any music genre. Its not because of taste. Just plain disinterest). If you asked me before what Napster is, I might answer you something like its a pillowcase of some sorts. But ask me what GPU, vector, cel-shading, wireframe, particle effect, bump-mapping, ESRB rating... is and I'd give you a professorial lecture (I exaggerate).

Games for me are interactive mindwarps. It takes me to these exotic locales, breath-taking vistas, perilous journeys - without me even spending a dime, breaking a sweat and moving from where I'm seated. Its just my mind that does all the travelling. A perfect answer for those lazy afternoons when I've no cent to spare to go out, no book to read for I've read them all, no TV show to watch because I've seen 'em all.

I've collected so many games, I lost count after 200. I don't have a particular genre as a favorite, I can play them all and whoop the ass of any challenger. Action, Adventure, Action-adventure(yup, its a hybrid), Figthing, Puzzle and the genre I love to get lost in the most: RPG's. Well, maybe I do have one genre I'm not particularly fond of: SPORTS. (now cue: ahs).

Games that I'm trying to finish presently: (yup, they are a bit old, but I like to take them at my own pace. I dislike the feeling when a good game ends.)

Devil May Cry Final Fantasy X-2 Grand Theft Auto:Vice City DBZ3:Budokai Prince Of Persia:Sands of Time

Come on, give it a try. It lulls you. Then it sucks you. Then you can't escape.
Any one up for a challenge? I'll beat your ass from here to Sunday.
Tag me. You know you want to. :)

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Have You Read This Before?

Ever get days, when the moment you step out of bed, you feel like you been through this day before?

The water from the faucet drips in the same rhythm,

The food on table tastes the same,

The taxi cab driver looks (and drives) very familiar,

The messages you read from the company email feels like you've read them before,

The tap-tapping of the keyboards pounding the same manner,

This is one of those days..

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