Saturday, February 26, 2005

Week Enders vol.2

Was a whole lot busy this week. My dating profile has suddenly ballooned to unprecedented proportions. But as my personal code of (blog) ethics decree: Art 6: Thou shall not put the pen to paper topics that deal with affairs of the heart...and of the body. Although minor allusions here and there are most welcome. :)

I'll be diving more into website making. (See post on the Million Peso Baby). HTML, CSS, Java, and who knows, maybe Flash?

My long lost batchmate Jayzee dropped by the office. He's doing this stint now at Citibank (or as he pronounced it "CitibEnk"). Gawd, this guy is surely missed.

This week seems to be more on re-linking up with people from the past. Manny, you old dog you! Think it over. New Zealand could be a bit harsh to immigrants, as I heard. However, it will do wonders to your, aherm, sex life as one outlandish friend confirmed.

Mon, Mon, Mon. (see post before this) Suddenly I have a thing for guys with foreign sounding names. (his full name is Ramonov. Cool and sexy huh?)

How many people can say that they have personally met the President? Its no big deal to most people but to me, it is. You got to have respect to people who with a command of his/her hand can change entire multitudes of lives. And no matter how much ill feelings we have for this country, its the only one we've got. Patriotism is dead, and I believe that one of the root of our downfall.

Rex: "You must still feel something for me."
Bree: "And why do you think that?"
Rex: "Oh come on, Bree, look at this. You're using the good china, freshly pressed napkins, flowers from the garden. This tray was prepared with loving care."
Bree: "Do me a favor, Rex. Please don't mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection."

I'm itching to get the new episodes of Desperate Housewives. Arrgh.

Have some orgasmically clean weekend fun everyone!


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