Friday, February 18, 2005

Week Enders vol.1

From here on, Random Blurbs will be titled as such. IF anybody gives a hoot. I guess not :)

Sharon Galvez, the only Filipino in the American Idol search had been eliminated much to my dismay. I heard her sing. She was unbelievably good. More like a young Whitney Houston albeit with highlights that go from bleached brown to walis tambo. I also heard Carrie Underwood sing. Sounded like another *insert country singer here*. She looks so squeaky clean though. She got in.

More on American Idol. I'm seeing a pattern here. I'll place my youngest sister as a bet, the next one will be a White guy (or at least someone who's biologically male).

And I'll betcha its between Anthony Fedorov (*my heart bleeds for that adorable face*..I have a thing with them cute geeky types. Back off.) or Mario Vazquez. (nope, not Filipino. Just the name.)

I'm currently cooking up a storm in weblayout-ing. I just finished creating one for fellow blogger, Aggietha. Its still in Beta though, hence I won't post the link yet. Gotta iron out them kinks.

Hi I'm Advent, and I have an addiction. (everybody says "Hi, Advent") I'm hooked on the Chocolate Brownie Overload wachamacallit at Ice Monster. Paulo, its your fault! You shouldn't have led me to Paseo Center where Ice Monster leered at me, seduced me, tempted me to give in. I've just downed my second helping. (in a span of 3 hours)

Accidentally, I just met Wonderwall's ex. He stared at me like a lion ready to pounce. I just smiled, said hi and walked on.

Its a Friday night. You know what that means.

Cease, Cows. Life is Short - Aureliano Segundo.

Good Weekends to you, you and you!


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