Monday, February 28, 2005

Poking Fun

Its the Academy Awards season, and they're handing out those little gold men left and right.

However, its not the Oscars I'm writing about today. Ironically, its the in-between shows that got me more interested. You know, those shows on other channels you skip to once the commercials roll? I hopped over to Star World and was able to catch Parkinson (you know, that British equivalent of Boy Abunda...albeit not gay) and on BBC, The Razzies (think: Inverse of the Oscars, "For where there is good, there must also be bad"). The Academy Awards had way too much celluloid for my taste. Its too flashy, too scripted, too...manufactured to evince any awe in me (to which they were aiming for, of course).

I'm currently loving these two women right now: Joan Rivers and Halle Berry.

I knew little of Joan before. All I knew was that she's this living fossil who gives Cher a run for her (plastic surgery) money and that she's this commentator on most Oscar shows and tells the world who looks fantastic or who looks fun trash-tic. That was before I saw her segment on Parkinson. What I saw was this dazzling woman (all thanks to modern science) both outside and, better believe it, inside. She has this spunk, this sense of humor that cracks me up. A sharp contrast to the h0st of the show with his British (read: dry) sense of humor. Her take on life? Take bitter reality with a dash of laughter, and it will go down smoother than you expect. This woman has my full respect. She's been through traumatic times in her life both as a performer and as a wife. She's been thrown out of a bar because the audienced booed her off, she's been humiliated infinite number of times on National Paper, and her husband just committed suicide a couple of years back. Yet thru all of this, she managed to smile and make other people smile.

Halle Berry on the other side of the ocean, made a surprise appearance to accept an award. No, not another Oscar. In fact, the extreme opposite. A Razzie award for Worst Actress in a Movie (the unbelievably dismal, Catwoman). She went on to mimick her Oscar acceptance speech - including tears and all- to a standing ovation. She even brought with her her little gold man, and raised that AND the Razzie trophy (which looked like a pile of turd). A very funny, classic moment. As reiterated by the founder of the Razzie awards, its not that they are berrating Halle as a person, they are just saying "We're so sorry you chose to do this." Everyone makes mistakes and Halle has no pretentions that she did not. At the after show interview Halle said her mum taught her that to be "a good winner you had to be a good loser first".

The greatest love of all would be loving yourself as one song goes. That maybe true to some but not quite enough for me. Learning to laugh at yourself, like these two fine women, is the ultimate gesture that you've come to embrace who you really are. Life is that kid you play with on the street, and tragedies & mistakes are his dodgeballs. He plays one heck of a good game for he tends to score a lot. But what the heck, this little boy is roarin' to beat his ass...then I'll laugh mine off.


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