Monday, February 07, 2005

My Favorite Housewife

Rex: "What are you doing?"
Bree: "Were you with a woman? Did you tell her that you have a wife, or does that hinder your pick-up style?"
Rex: "All right. Even if I was seeing someone, I have every right to. Exploring options is the whole point of being separated!"
Bree: "Options! I'm not a mutual fund, Rex!"
Rex: "Oh, that's not...Bree, you should get out there. Try and meet someone."
Bree: "Meet someone. I’m raising your children."
Rex: "I am just trying to move on with my life. It is nothing to be ashamed of!"
Bree: "Oh, okay. I tell you what then. Why don't you just call up your mystery woman and invite her over. I'll pull out the sofa bed and you can take her right there. Andrew! Danielle! Daddy's gonna fornicate for us!"
Rex: "Keep your voice down."
Bree: "Why, are you feeling ashamed?"

~Bree Van De Kamp. Partime model housewife, fulltime Lion Tamer.


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