Monday, February 21, 2005

It Tastes Just Like Chicken

Although it has more of a texture-y feel to it, its actually a whole lot tastier. Its a tad bit oilier too but sources say its good for the heart. Come on everybody, say it with me:

I'm gonna try Ostrich meat.

After a little hesitation, I got a hefty helping of it in a plate full of Stroganoff pasta at MYLK (restaurant row, Greenbelt 3, 2nd floor). Complement it with any of the house-blended Coffee concoctions and top the meal off with a delectable New York Cheesecake served with mango slices and syrup. My take on it?


p.s. The resto is a perfect hangout place. Nice white lines, draperies galore,
plump cushions, contempo dining area, moody white lights, cozy home-y atmosphere,
fab kitchen. Not recommended for dates though. (Shh, no biggie. More on that later.)


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