Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Idle Hands Meet The Keys

I'm the product of the universal machinations, ethereal and effervescent. You think you know me...you've just skimmed the surface.

I believe in a greater power that dictates the outcome of my life.
I believe that this power emanates to the small things, things that are usually taken for granted, because as we go about our daily existence, they become mundane and perfunctory;
I believe in the power of words, how they can evince raw emotions out of a string of symbols; emotions that define the moment you are in;
I believe that with the ability to wield words, you have the power to make a nation break down into tears or to rise up in armed revolt;
I believe that with words, you could weave a veil of imagery, enough to make someone fall in love, enough to crush someones heart;
I believe that books are the time machines that man had been searching for in vain; that opening the cover, leafing thru page to page is a journey unto itself.
I believe in Karma, that with which the universe resonates with; that which echoes in the halls of our psyche.
I believe in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I believe in mad poetics and the little drops of vagrant moods.
And most of all, I believe in the penultimate need of the soul to reach out and assimilate other souls. I believe that there was a time when all souls came from a single core and that by stroke of hand of the greater power it was divided and strewn to the wind, fated to seek each other once again. ~derek 01/27/05

Oh and yeah, check out mah blog. I write a lot. Its cathartic...

~Just the content of the About Me section of my Downelink/Connexion account. Wala Lang.


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