Tuesday, February 22, 2005

From Hell

There should be a law that will be giving taxi drivers classification tags, you know like one of those placards Mayor Lim hung on criminals, saying things like "Wag gayahin, magnanakaw ako." or "Layuan, Maniac ako" or something to that effect. This should slash the stress level in riding this transpo by half, at least .

I was so tired when I stepped out of my office last night, not because of work, but because I wasn't able to sleep well the night before (over extended night out-more about that later). I logged in, set up my tools, and did the whole routine with barely 3 hours of sleep.

As soon as the clock struck 11pm, I bolted out of the building and decided to take a cab instead of taking the usual bus route home. I got into this MGE cab with a fairly harmless-looking old man on the helms. I was half right. He was harmless when it comes to the payment part, which is so rare these days. It was the actual ride itself that almost made me lose my wits.

It was smooth sailing from my office along Paseo De Roxas until we went out to EDSA. I was merrily yakking on the celly with Wonderwall, that was until we went round the curve and he floored the gas pedal. I almost dropped the cel from my hand just to grip the handle bar. EDSA in the wee hours has barely any traffic at all, hence it was no problem to go from 80km/h to 100 to 120 in 15 seconds.

And that was not it. When we were nearing the Magallanes overpass, Manong's hands kept on fidgeting with the clutch and he kept on shifting it. 120, up to 130. I took a side glance at the speedometer and it was still rising till it almost reached 140! The fastest I had experienced was when my dad was driving us home from Subic and he had to go so bad so he floored it and got to somewhere near 130km/h. And note, that was done on the North Expressway where there are 6 lanes. Now imagine doing it along EDSA. This man was just plain murder.

It was kinda like thisI couldn't help it. I yelped like a squirrel (imagine how that sounds). If this was any other place, I'd been embarrased out of my skin. Manong took a glance at me and smiled. Not a normal smile, more like a loony, asylum inmate smile. I'm so sorry, but his weird-o meter shot through the roof for me.

Luckily, I reached my doorstep with enough strength to still stand up, though my knees were badly shaking . Paid him and hurriedly locked up after me. I so wanted to ask him if he wants to pursue a career as a Stuntman where he'll surely rake in the dough, but opted not to bother.

Calling Mr. Bayani Fernando, wet rags are out anyway, those placards look pretty promising. Start with Manong.

"Speed Freak ako, ride with a healthy heart".


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