Friday, February 04, 2005

A Day In Quintology - From Start To Finish

The past four entries had been my feeble attempt to encapsulate a single beautiful day into the confines of this blog. It's mind blowing to think that there would be more days like this down the road. Days filled with wonder, with amusement, with inescapable reality and most importantly, days filled with that unquenchable feeling of contentment.

You see, life doesnt have to be as mundane, as serious as we percieve it to be. I would have to qoute my muse, Darkwinter "You want to contain whatever ephemeral moment and clasp it to your heart forever." I've come to cherish these little exchanges of ours. Especially now that we have been separated by our shifts, our oceans of intricate conversations had been scaled down to little drops of poetry every once in a while. Maybe she'll never know how much I've changed because of her presence in my life.

I used to believe that God's currency are tears. I've had my own fair share, that I'm sure. But lately, I've been reaping my dividends.


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